EPA to Spend $13 Billion on ‘Environmental Justice’ and Climate

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClear Policy

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has $13 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act to fight “climate crisis” and advance “environmental justice” and is asking the public for ideas on how to spend it, according to Fox News.

The funds give people “the unprecedented opportunity to make lasting progress to equitably protect people and the planet from air pollution and climate change,” said Joseph Goffman, principal deputy assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation.

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In seeking the public’s input, he added, “We are eager to engage with all who have a stake in the success of these efforts, and our next steps will be guided by the wisdom and experience from the conversations we have and the feedback we receive over the next several months.”

The EPA’s website calls the money “an historic amount of funding” and seeks input through Jan 18, 2023, about six different grant programs, including how to spend money on climate pollution reduction, transportation programs, reducing methane emissions, addressing air pollution, low emissions electricity, and more.

There’s $50 million dedicated for air monitoring in “communities that are underserved, historically marginalized, and overburdened by pollution” funding 132 air monitoring projects in 37 states.

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About $30 million will come from the Inflation Reduction Act, and $20 million will come from the American Rescue Plan.

How this program, hailed by the EPA as “largest investment to combat the climate crisis in U.S. history,” will reduce inflation, is not clear.

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  • I suppose that a silly, bait-click article deserves silly responses. (Mine excepted, of course.) "Can the environment be racist?" Not in and of itself. Can people with various motives expose some populations to more poisonous environments while protecting other populations? Of course they can! Consider "the wrong side of the tracks." Factories get built there. Chemicals get dumped there. Polluting industries are located there. The effects of these structures and practices make those neighborhoods more polluted and toxic. Neighborhoods with more concrete get hotter faster and hold heat longer. Neighborhoods with lots of green spaces and no polluting industries enjoy cleaner air. It's not a joke, no matter how much uninformed people want to make it one. "Ancient solar industry?" I remember that. We had something we called "clotheslines" back in the day. Solar energy in widespread use.

  • Just another agency of the fed gov which terrorizes American citizens. Now they have even more money to do it with.

  • They don't explain it because it has nothing to do with Climate. Look up Claus Schwab and the Devos meeting group. Many evil things including wanting to exterminate half the World's population.

  • Could they just once go further and explain how Tax dollars cleans our oceans, air & land.
    And how exactly does it fight inequality that doesn't exist in reality. If any race is being systematically targeted it's Traditional white middleclass families, that's factual & far from the BS the MSM feeds the "Useful Idiots" of our country.
    Over the Decades they have taken enough climate money to rebuild the world, yet our oceans are still dumping grounds with plastic islands the size of Texas, as we recycle, it's taken and dumped anyway.
    All's we have to show for the $Trillions taken is old technology of wind, solar & hydro, expensive and unreliable with no way to power the demands of millions of people in cities, they have a tough time storing power in batteries to feed vehicles which get's it's power from mostly fossil fuel plants. A nuclear plant which they are shutting down takes up around one square mile of land, wind power would take 300 square miles to generate the same power when the wind is blowing. Nuclear plants emit no carbon into the air yet they are intentionally shutting down plants to cause a power shortage.

  • How about big collection tents over Cattle ranches and Brains to catch all the methane expelled by the cows, then use it to power cars, which is about as bright a idea as making everyone buy Electric cars , millions will never be able to afford. The methane idea is another way they can waste taxpayers money

  • How about spending it on BORDER AGENTS -to protect AMERICA!!
    How about spending it on OPENING the pipelines, stop being obstacles to drilling, permitting, and financing oil to HELP AMERICANS for REAL inflation reduction and not no farce of Global warming(now changed to climate change). This is OUR money! ! !

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