Energy Sec. Granholm Says When Biden ‘Hears Climate Change, He Thinks About Jobs’

On Monday, Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm went on the far-left show “Morning Joe” to do a victory lap on the passage of the Democrats’ $1.2 trillion ‘infrastructure’ bill.

Granholm trotted out the mantra that global warming spending will be a boon for the American workforce, insisting that when Biden “hears climate change, he thinks about jobs.”

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Granholm Promotes $1.2 Trillion ‘Infrastructure Package’

“We are going to be expanding, for example, the electricity grid,” Granholm said. “And that grid is going to be adding what we hope is double the amount of renewable energy in order to meet the president’s goal.”

Granholm explained “What does that mean? It means people have to go for work to be able to expand the grid, whether it’s an electrician. We need to build the solar panels and not just rely on China in supplying them. That means we’ve got to build those solar panels here. We’ve got to build the batteries for the electric vehicles, putting all these people to work.”

Talking to “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski, Granholm continued, “Mika, the clean energy sector is a $23 trillion sector by 2030.”

She continued, “And that means, for us, are we going to stand by and allow other countries to do it, or are we going to get in the game? This bipartisan infrastructure bill allows us to get in the game, to be able to build those products here, stamp them ‘Made in America,’ use them here, export them.”

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Granholm: When Biden ‘hears climate change, he thinks about jobs’

Granholm added, “We have a … supply that doesn’t meet demand. And that is an issue that we are going through. The president is all over this, both in the short term and in the long term.”

She then put into context how she believes the president sees the issue of climate change.

“But the bottom line for when the president,” Granholm said, adding, “when he hears climate change, he thinks about jobs.”

“That is critical for our long-term strategy,” the energy secretary insisted.


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