‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Claims White Women Who Voted Youngkin Want To Pretend Slavery Didn’t Happen

'The View's' Hostin Says White Women Who Voted Youngkin Want To Pretend Slavery Didn’t Happen

In the wake of Republican Glenn Youngkin’s epic victory in the Virginia governor’s race on Tuesday night, “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin said that the 57 percent of white women who voted for Youngkin did so because they want to pretend slavery didn’t happen.

Hostin made her comments on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday.

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Hosts Weigh In On CRT And Virginia Election Results

The segment began with the hosts debating what was the top issue that animated voters. 

Host Joy Behar argued that the failure of Democrats to pass Joe Biden’s massive spending bills was partly to blame.

Michele Tafoya, NBC Sports broadcaster and guest host on “The View” Wednesday, changed gears – arguing that the GOP doesn’t need to rely on the power of Donald Trump to win. 

Tafoya said that the Democrats tried to tie Youngkin to Trump, but Youngkin didn’t bite and voters didn’t let it stick: “Biden uttered his name 25 times in a speech, and it didn’t stick.”

Hostin replied, “I think it did stick. I think Trump was very present. I think he made a lot of phone calls for Youngkin. I think Youngkin was careful not to mention Trump by name, but he was Trump all in.”

Hostin then mentioned demographic breakdowns.

“If you look at the exit polls, 57 percent actually of white women voted for Youngkin, much like 55 percent of white women voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton, and what they said during the exit polls was that CRT was their most pressing issue,” Hostin said.

Hostin continued, “I think what’s interesting is that, you know, Democrats are not good with the messaging that CRT is fake.”

Joy Behar injected herself into the conversation, saying “It doesn’t exist in the school system. It’s in law school only.”

Hostin said, “Of course, it doesn’t.”

Democrats and the media have aggressively taken that tack since it became an animating issue for parents and conservative voters – that CRT is “fake” and “doesn’t exist.” Of course, Virginia voters didn’t buy that line.

Whoopi Goldberg weighed in, “Listen, if people want to know what’s being taught in your school, go over to the school, get an idea of the curriculum because they’ll give it to you.”

But Tafoya pushed back against the “CRT is fake” rhetoric.

Tafoya said, “Whoopi, also people were watching their kids online throughout the pandemic. They heard a lot of this and recorded a lot of this. It may not be exactly what CRT is, but there was a lot of racialized teaching. I’m not talking about teaching slavery. That’s fine, that’s all good.”

Goldberg said, “You remember what happened during the pandemic. I think George Floyd happened during the pandemic. That is why people were talking about race.”

She continued, “Most schools that I am aware of have tried to teach the history of how this country has gone on. You cannot put in a different name. You can’t pretend we didn’t go through this.”


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Hostin: ‘I suspect 57 percent of White women that voted for Youngkin do want to pretend (slavery) didn’t happen’

Tafoya said, “No one is pretending. No one is pretending. My second-grade report was on slavery and the abolition of slavery. It’s being taught to my kids. No one is pretending it didn’t happen. In fact, I think when we whitewash history by getting rid of certain names and statues and people and Laura Ingalls Wilder references, then we forget. We need to learn.”

Hostin then made her wild claim, providing no evidence.

“I suspect 57 percent of White women that voted for Youngkin do want to pretend it didn’t happen and they don’t want their white children to —”

Tafoya shot back, “I wouldn’t suspect that of those women. That is not fair.”

Watch the full video of the segment below:


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