Elton John Attacks America – Claims Country Is ‘Going Backward’

Elton John
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The British singer Elton John has launched an attack on America, saying that our country is “going backward” when it comes to LGBTQ rights.

John Bashes America 

John, 76, told Radio Times that “it’s all going pear-shaped in America.”

“There’s violence, laws enacted in Florida which are disgraceful,” John lamented. “There’s a law now that, if you visit a doctor in Florida, they can refuse to treat you if you’re gay, which I find just unbelievable.”

This appeared to be a reference to Florida’s SB 1580, which is also known as the “Protections of Medical Conscience” bill. This bill was signed into law last month by Governor Ron DeSantis (R), and it allows health care providers in Florida to refuse services based on their moral, ethical or religious beliefs.

“We seem to be going backwards. And that spreads. It’s like a virus that the LGBTQ+ movement is suffering,” John continued. “It’s a growing swell of anger and homophobia that’s around America.”

John reportedly also made a point of saying that he’s open to do a residency at the end of his farewell tour, “but not in America.”

John Previously Loved America 

These comments were in stark contrast to comments John made last year about America when he was closing off his final North American tour with a performance at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

“Tonight is a very special night, a very emotional night for me,” John said at the time, according to USA Today. “It’s been a long journey.”

“You made me. Without America, I wouldn’t be here,” he continued. “Thank you for all the years of love and generosity. I wish you health and love and prosperity.”

So much for that!

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John Goes Before Congress

Back in April, John went before Congress in the U.S. to urge lawmakers to keep up the fight against HIV and AIDS.

“There is no better symbol of American greatness than PEPFAR, and you should all be very proud of your extraordinary efforts,” John told a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on reauthorizing the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), according to Reuters.

Congress has until September 30 to reauthorize PEPFAR for another five years.

“We need to keep our foot on the accelerator,” John added. “We’ve come so far in such a short time, relatively. By extending PEPFAR for another five years and fully funding it, together we can continue the march toward ending AIDS for everyone everywhere and leave no one behind.”

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John’s Hopes For America 

Back in 2017, John talked to the Today Show about what he wants for America in the wake of the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas.

“If only the feeling of unity when something bad happens can transfer to the feeling of unity period in America at the moment, it would be wonderful,” John said at the time. “I mean, I’ve been coming here since 1970 and I love this country. It’s my second home. … This country’s given me everything I could possibly want, and it was the first place I became successful. The fact that people don’t communicate with each other anymore, and that people are so hateful to each other upsets me so much.”

“I pray every night that it’s going to get better, and they forget who they are, or who they vote for; they just come, because the love in their body shines through,” he continued. “That’s what I want for America right at this moment.”

It’s clear that John’s comments about America have been all over the place over the years. It’s unfortunate that his latest ones have been so negative at a time when positivity about this great nation is needed now more than ever.

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