Muslim Immigrant Threatened Donald Trump, And What Happened Next Is EPIC!

Muslim Immigrant

In 2012, then-GOP nominee Mitt Romney was getting death threats on Twitter from liberal youth on a daily basis. Republican supporters were beside themselves at the public vitriol, which had never been that high during a presidential contest. Most of the threats had racist undertones toward Romney, to the point that he had to ramp up his Secret Service detail.

Now, the threats are often aimed at frontrunner Donald Trump:

As for this young Egyptian student, deport him after he has served time in prison for making terrorist threats. This guy should already be out of the country. If he had made that statement about Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, he’d be deported within an hour, or her “death squad” team would have dealt with him already.

Doesn’t it seem to you the US government is pro-illegal immigration and anti-Trump?

From Daily Caller:

An Egyptian immigrant in the U.S. on a student visa is getting deported after making threatening remarks about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

According to the website Egyptian Streets, Emad El-Din Ali Mohamed Nasr El Sayed, was arrested three weeks ago after police say he posted a death threat against Trump on Facebook.

“I am willing to kill Donald Trump and serve a life sentence,” El Sayed said on Facebook. “[T]he whole world would thank me for doing that.”

It may or may not have been serious, but in any case it appears likely to cost El Sayed. He was arrested by local police Feb. 12.

While El Sayed initially faced a charge of making an illegal threat, authorities apparently decided to drop it and instead simply revoked his student visa. That means El Sayed will have to return to Egypt. Interestingly, authorities apparently based the revocation of his visa not on the threats, but on evidence that he had recently ended his enrollment at Universal Air Academy, a flight school in Los Angeles that he was attending.

Check out what Twitter uses were saying about this young man:






Here’s more in the story:

I think it’s only right to remove him from the U.S. and never let him come back. I am surprised our government people caught it, yet alone doing something about it. Chalk one up for us.

H/T: Washington Free Beacon, Egyptian Streets

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