Drag Queen Flamy Grant Shoots To Number 1 On Christian iTunes Chart

Flamy Grant Christian
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A drag queen who goes by the name Flamy Grant has suddenly garnered the title of number one album on the iTunes Christian and Gospel chart for her album “Bible Belt Baby,” which was released in October of last year. On top of that, the number song “Good Day” hit number one on the Christian and Gospel chart for a period of time as well.

Drag Queen Hits Number 1 On Christian Charts

You are likely wondering how something like this could possibly happen.

Well, it all started last Wednesday, when the Christian recording artist and author Sean Feucht took to Twitter to slam the Christian singer-songwriter Derek Webb for teaming up with Grant on a collaboration.

If you’re wondering the end goal of the deconstruction movement in the church, then look no further than former worship leader @derekwebb‘s new collab with a drag queen,” Feucht wrote. “These are truly the last days.”

Grant then fired back by writing, “End goal? Baby we’re just getting started,” alongside a kissy-face emoji.

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Grant Mobilizes Fans

Grant then took to Instagram to mobilize her fanbase against Feucht.

“Sean Feucht thinks hardly anyone is interested in a worship song by a drag queen,” Grant wrote. “‘Good Day’ deserves a spot on the #christianmusic charts, dontcha think?”

It only took a few hours for Grant’s goal to be accomplished.

“Y’all. We did not flop,” Grant wrote “You f—ing activated. As of this moment, ‘Good Day’ is the number one song. *AND* ‘Bible Belt Baby’ is the number one album.”

“Did I mention that it’s 10 months old???” the drag queen continued. “Not only am I the first drag artist to chart in Christian music; I’m the first to hit # 1. (All due respect to my bestie @gracebaldridge for blazing this trail.)”

“I don’t know what else to say except: if you’re gonna come for a drag queen, you better be ready for how she comes back,” Grant concluded. “She comes back with an army of love.”

In case you are interested, you can check out “Good Day” in the video below.

We certainly would not recommend it, but to each his own!

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Grant Sounds Off Out Of Drag

Grant’s real name is Matthew Blake, who describes his drag persona as being ”a shame-slaying, hip-swaying, singing-songwriting drag queen.”

“I grew up super evangelical, fundamental in the Bible Belt,” Blake told Paste Magazine. “I was a worship leader up until last year really, the last decade in more progressive churches.”

“I’ve always been interested in drag, but as a kid, I didn’t know it was drag,” he continued. “I just liked my mom’s clothes. It got pushed out of me. I realized that if I’m going to belong in that [Christian] community, I’d have to suppress it.”

Blake went on to express his hopes that children are exposed to Grant’s music.

“I grew up in where I couldn’t be myself, couldn’t even talk about what was really going on with me for fear of being cast out, of being ostracized,” he explained. “They’ll call it indoctrination on the right, but I just want those kids to see options available to them. To see that they’re not alone.”

These truly are some crazy times that we are living in. It’s sad to see that wokeism is creeping into every aspect of our society, even the Christian music charts!

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