Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Set to Ban Drag Shows for Children in Arkansas

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is poised to sign a bill that will re-define drag shows as 'adult-oriented performances' and ban them from public squares with children in attendance.
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Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is poised to sign a bill that will re-define drag shows as ‘adult-oriented performances’ and ban them from public squares with children in attendance.

It is astounding that there would be a side debating against it.

But, as the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports, there was “audible dissent” from Democratic lawmakers when it was being voted on in the State House.

The bill defines an “adult-oriented performance” as a performance that is “intended to appeal to the prurient interest and that features a person who appears in a state of nudity or is seminude,” including prosthetic body parts.

It states that the performance can not “take place on public property” or “admit any minor for attendance.”

Which would seemingly include ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’, a thinly-veiled leftist program meant to indoctrinate and normalize children into sexualized performances and conversations.

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Sarah Sanders Banning Drag Shows, LatinX, and Limiting CRT

Sarah Sanders has indicated support for the bill and could sign it as early as today.

“I think we have to do everything — I’ve been very clear and talked about this pretty extensively — to protect children,” she said last month. “I think that’s what this bill does.”

Sanders’ spokeswoman Alexa Henning echoes that claim to the Washington Post, suggesting the legislation is less about a ban and more about keeping explicit drag performances away from the eyes and ears of children.

It’s not about “banning anything” but about “protecting kids” from accessing “sexually explicit drag shows,” she said.

Just as you wouldn’t bring school-aged children to a strip club or the local bar, you wouldn’t bring them to sexually-charged shows designed specifically to highlight the fact that the performer’s body parts don’t match their outfits.

Henning added, “Only in the radical left’s woke dystopia is it not appropriate to protect kids.”

If they’re not trying to protect the right to abort them up until birth, liberals want to get their creepy little drag show-loving hands on those kids of yours, no matter the cost psychologically.

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Will Deliver Rebuttal to Biden’s State of the Union

Sarah Sanders is a rising star of the Republican Party and solidified that role with an announcement that she will deliver the GOP response to President Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Sanders is combatting the numerous crises brought about by the Biden administration by “addressing them head-on with her conservative agenda outside of Washington.”

“The youngest governor in America, Sarah is fighting on behalf of parents, small businesses, and ordinary taxpayers,” he added.

Sanders banned the phrase ‘Latinx’ from official state government documents, signing an executive order on her first day in office.

It was one of seven executive orders signed by the governor – others involving a ban on the use of TikTok on government devices and a review of the teaching of critical race theory or other topics that “indoctrinate students with ideologies” in Arkansas schools.

“There is a real hunger, not just from the public, but I think also from the legislature here, where we have Republican super-majorities in the House and the Senate, to do some pretty big things and enact some conservative reform,” she told Fox News.

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