‘Family Friendly’ Drag Show Features Adults Doing Striptease for Children, Obscene Music

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If you spend any time on Twitter and are a parent, you’ve undoubtedly seen posts from the likes of conservative activist Christopher Rufo.

Mr. Rufo is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and has recently dedicated a large amount of his time to exposing the alarming acceptance of the education system, government, and our culture at large to extreme gender ideology.

Just last month, I wrote about his discovery of extremely graphic LGBTQ+ materials being promoted in schools by the National Education Association.

More recently, Mr. Rufo shared a video of a restaurant drag show featuring sexually explicit lyrics, a drag queen gyrating, and a child looking bewildered front and center.

His post brings up a new phenomenon in this world of drag queen story hours and such, the phenomenon that if you slap the two words “Family Friendly” on an event, it makes it, well…family friendly. However, the reality is vastly different.

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Friendly For What Family?

When I was growing up, and now as a parent, when I think of ‘family friendly’ events, I think of activities like bouncy castles, face painting, and music that doesn’t include explicit language and minimal alcohol, if not a dry event altogether. Never in a million years would I associate drag shows with being appropriate for family outings.

Full disclosure, I’ve been to drag shows as an adult. I’ve been to both the big production-type shows in Las Vegas, and I’ve been to smaller production drag shows. 

Not once do I recall seeing a child in the audience. However, now ‘family friendly’ drag shows are popping up everywhere in the United States.

And I mean everywhere; this isn’t just a phenomenon found in places like San Francisco or New York City. For example, in Oklahoma, there was a “family friendly pride festival” at a public park with bouncy houses and advertising opportunities for kids to give dollar bills to the “performers.”

Like a strip joint.

A library in Iowa recently hosted a “family friendly drag queen storytime.” This is Oklahoma and Iowa I’m talking about. Suppose you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting or living in these two states. In that case, they aren’t precisely hubs of Democratic activity.


Call It What It Is

Recently a California mom has made headlines calling out these allegedly family friendly drag shows. The Encinitas Union School Board had approved a “Family Friendly Queer Halloween Drag Show.”

Just what a school board should be focusing on when American students are struggling to read, write, and do basic mathematics. 

Enraged mother Brittany Mayer accused the school board of being “groomers and activist pimps.” She explained to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that parents and politicians need to stop shying away from calling out these sort of activity for what it is.

Perhaps most interesting is her discovery that this event was sponsored by a local San Francisco gender reassignment surgery center in collaboration with a gay nightclub.

Using terms like grooming and pimping, I think, is valid. Still, I would also argue we should also use the term lucrative when it comes to these drag shows. Drag Story Hour NYC, for example, received $46,000 in city contracts earlier this year to appear at public schools, street festivals, and libraries.

Since 2018, the organization has received $207,000 in taxpayer dollars. It seems like drag has become quite the booming industry. 

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Where Did This Come From?

You can’t talk about the push to expose children to drag without discussing the youth transgender movement. They are intertwined into the same campaign; one works off the other. 

It’s even been written about in an academic journal. ‘Drag Pedagogy: The Playful Practice of Queer Imagination in Early Childhood’ was written by Harper Keenan and ‘Lil Miss Hot Mess.’ 

Keenan and Hot Mess state that drag shows for children:

“…creates a pathway into the imaginative, messy, and rule-breaking aspects of drag for children without necessarily watering down queer cultures.”

Read that sentence again, and let’s meditate on it for a minute. This is a movement that advocated for rule-breaking for children. 

Any parent worth their salt knows that children need rules and boundaries. 

So, where is the outrage in the mainstream over this sort of blatant attack on childhood innocence? 

And before we go any further, let’s ask this question: Why would anyone, let alone a sudden mass movement, be so insistent on putting sexualized, adult content in front of small children? 

Let me ask it again. 

Why would anyone, let alone a sudden mass movement, be so insistent on putting sexualized, adult content in front of small children? 


The reality that many of my generation and older probably don’t want to admit is social media and cell phones are probably 90% of the reason we know anything about this push to sexualize children. But, thanks to the likes of Christopher Rufo, Matt Walsh, and Libs of Tik Tok, video evidence is plenty.

But it doesn’t come without a price. Libs of Tik Tok was banned from Twitter at one point for posting tweets highlighting drag shows for kids.

Matt Walsh’s movie ‘What is a Woman’ has faced backlash from university protesters showing his film and hosting him at the request of conservative student groups. But luckily, it seems some legislators are getting the hint that something needs to be done.

Republicans have proposed the ‘Stop the Sexualization of Children Act’ legislation that would bar taxpayer funding for drag shows and story hours. Although likely not to get much movement before the midterms, there is some hope that this conversation might get more traction if the Republicans win the majority in Congress.

But what does it say of Democrats who choose to remain silent in the face of men cartoonishly dressed as women dancing provocatively in front of children? 

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Silence Is Consent

In the recent video tweeted by Mr. Rufo, a drag queen twerks to the song ‘P***y’ by Lady. The lyrics are:

My p***y good / p***y sweet / p***y good enough to eat

Certainly, not the kind of language any sane person would believe is appropriate around a child, let alone the grandmother you can see in the background. To be fair, the event did warn that there would be mature content, so I think there could be an argument that the parenting of said child is questionable at best.

But history has shown that when society opts to remain silent in the face of obvious insanity, they become an enabler of insanity. Unfortunately, even our government has sold itself to this ideology, with the Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Rachel Levine – who is transgender – stating boldly that there is “no argument” about the value of affirming care for transgender youth.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. The Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine disagrees, encompassing over 100 clinicians and researchers. 

Perhaps it’s fitting that we are discussing this just shy of Halloween. As the prolific horror author Stephen King said:

“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.”

We must not turn a blind eye to the liars who are eager to take advantage of the natural trust given by our innocent children.

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