Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson finally gets an issue correct! Most refugees want to stay in their home country. I think it’s a bit egotistical for so many liberals to be debate whether they should be allowed into the United States or not.

How about we take a minute and try to think about what refugees want?

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, who traveled to overseas to speak to refugees, said the ones he met during his trip to the Middle East don’t want to come to the United States — they want to go home.

“I had an opportunity to talk to many of the Syrian refugees and ask them, ‘What is your supreme desire?’ And it was pretty uniform: They want to go back home,” Carson said on ABC’s This Week Sunday. “I was a little bit surprised with the answer, because it wasn’t what we’re hearing a lot. We’re hearing that they all want to come here to the United States. And that’s not what they want. They want to go back home.”

Let me be clear about a few things. We have $18.5 trillion in debt. We cannot afford to care for the number of people we have in the United States now. 98% of these people are probably harmless, but only a fool would believe that even 50% of them could find work that pays enough to cover their expenses within three years.

Our debt will soon prevent us from taking the actions that we – the leader of the free world – should be taking. Our debt, not terrorism, not global warming, is the biggest threat to the United States.

Check out this video report about Carson’s trip:

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