Dems Are Looking To Enact Their Scorched Earth Agenda – They Don’t Care For American People

Anyone who isn’t worried about what is coming down the pike at this point is either dead or a moron or both. Don’t listen to the Boomer commentators or Conservative Inc. shills who think President Trump is going to win in a landslide, and then everything will be back to normal.

In the first case, there is a chance he might not win, believe it or not, especially with how many conservative pundits are claiming Democrats will be doing a lot of cheating and in the second case, even if he does win, it doesn’t mean anything is going back to normal because it isn’t.

The Left is pursuing a scorched earth strategy. They would be content with wrecking the country’s economy if that would derail reelection for the President. It is about power for them. They could care less about people.

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While it is true that each state is autonomous, I seriously doubt that all of these Democrat and RINO governors have the legal right to govern as despots.

That they ARE governing as despots is a reflection of the poor quality of character of the serfs they govern: people too compliant to stand up for their rights. No wonder we see rogue George Soros planted prosecutors turning the law upside down and inside out, as in St. Louis and Chicago.

Very few Americans today have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say, “Oh, hell no!” That’s not what this country was built upon.


How much longer can all those renewed lockdowns and mask-wearing continue until the pressure cooker explodes somewhere? It’s only the Left, which is exploding, and the rest are waiting for November. There is such a thing as waiting too long.

Coming into 2020, the Democrats were helpless. The best economy in decades, the best job numbers in decades (in some cases ever), strong, unwavering support for Trump, and 20-something candidates who were all cartoon figures of real candidates. To the Democrats, Covid was a godsend. And they’re not letting its economic or societal destruction end anytime soon.

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I am not crazy. Give me a few seconds to elaborate. How are Dems trying to destroy the government built to run this great country of ours? By creating enough chaos, and people will turn to a “Superman” to solve all their problems.

These dictators have the power to address our concerns, but they always do so with a brutality that ends up costing millions of lives.

Especially in October, everything will be laid at Trump’s feet, schools not open, COVID deaths, riots, the national debt, 50 million unemployed, everything. And the message will be apparent, vote for us, and WE will fix everything. Millions will do so.


Psychotherapists and substance abuse counselors and therapists know that a person will be seriously willing to change their behavior only when it causes them to hit rock bottom finally. To be so agitated and uncomfortable because of it, they may do anything the therapist suggests to relieve it.

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A psychotherapist may deliberately lead a patient to that point to get them to decide to change. I surmise the Dems are employing similar strategy on a macro scale to make the American electorate so uncomfortable and agitated by their current condition they will beg for change in November.

It remains to be seen whether it will work or not. But I have no doubt the bombardment of crises the American people are trying to cope with are manufactured and intended to convince them to vote for the safety and relief change to a Democrat administration will bring them.





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