Hillary Clinton Nonsensically Claims Trump Is ‘Indifferent To The Suffering’ Caused By COVID

Hillary Clinton Trump Covid

Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton just showed once again that she is still not over her loss in the 2016 election by launching yet another attack on Donald Trump, this time outrageously saying that he is “incredibly incoherent, inconsistent and indifferent to the suffering” that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in the United States.

“I wish we could turn the clock back, because if we had a competent, caring, prepared White House, they wouldn’t have gotten rid of the special unit that the Obama administration set up for the National Security Council to monitor the rise of disease,” Clinton told told The Bakari Sellers Podcast.

“Everybody knew it was a matter of time—not if, but when. Unfortunately, this administration cut the budget for the Centers for Disease Control, cut out a lot of the funding that would have gone to pandemic preparation and response,” Clinton continued.

“You would have had a president who understood what the National Stockpile was, immediately turned to using the National Defense Act so we could manufacture the personal protective equipment, the ventilators, whatever anybody needed,” she added. “You would have had a president and White House that actually worked closely with the states. Not in the antagonistic manner, the way they have done, but what do you need and how do we do it. You would have had a president who modeled good behavior, including wearing a mask.”

“Unfortunately, you know we had a president ill-prepared to be president and incredibly incoherent, inconsistent and indifferent to the suffering that this virus has caused, not just health-wise but economically,” Clinton concluded.

Clinton has seemingly been on the campaign trail herself over the past few weeks, as she has been giving interview after interview in which she does nothing but bash Trump. This comes just days after Clinton called Trump’s cognitive abilities into question during an interview with MSNBC.

“I think anybody who has watched him over the last four years has to be concerned and particularly watched his total absence of leadership with respect to the pandemic,” Clinton said. “If you were really looking for somebody to try to help our country get through this terrible virus that has cost jobs and lives and disrupted our society and economy, clearly he has failed.”

“He’s failed at the most fundamental job of being a president,” she added. “And so yes, I am concerned.”

Perhaps Clinton should stop obsessing over Trump, and be more “concerned” about her own inability to get over 2016.

This piece was written by James Samson on July 24, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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