Democrats Are Far More Responsible For Worsening This Pandemic Than They Want To Admit

The Democrats showed terrible judgment by holding up the CARES Act to give money to their favorite entities like the Kennedy Center, only to have them lay off the entire orchestra.

Now they’ve compounded it by Nancy Antoinette’s ice cream appearance on cable TV news.


The Democrats are terminators. They positively will not stop. The last four years should have made that clear. The only way to stop them is to drive them from power. The current crisis is just the most widespread public attack on the people. They’ve been doing it for years long before Trump came on the scene.

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Dereliction of duty, lying under oath, tampering of evidence, destruction of evidence, witness tampering, operation an illegal server outside of a secured data center, using a personal unsecured phone to discuss classified information, failing to secure classified documents, just to name a few properly. There are many more.

I would say putting people in harm’s way, then refusing to help them and leaving them to die when they got in trouble, followed by lying about it under oath is a little different than having a global pandemic and working 24/7 to save millions of American lives.

Never mind that it was brought on by the government that bought and paid for both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns, and probably most Democrats’ campaigns, and for which they accepted Millions in bribes to sell out the American worker and move their jobs overseas to China, and are now likely getting paid to fly cover for China’s wrongdoings.


Democrats are FAR more responsible for causing this pandemic, for its severity, for our lack of preparedness, for our lack of needed medications and PPE, and for colluding with China to cover it up.

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Even though Dems are trying hard, they are incapable of destroying our Republic. A country full of uninformed, uncaring, complacent, lazy, unpatriotic, needy, compliant vassals can not maintain a republic. I am afraid our fellow countrymen have thrown in the towel to a large extent, and are content with the chains of tyranny as long as they are not expected to exercise any responsibility. Give us uninterrupted circuses with clowns, and we will live out our pathetic, meaningless lives.

The simplest explanation for Democrat misanthropy lies in their unwavering BELIEF that they are never wrong. Since they are never wrong they do not have to accept evidence that refutes their policy positions; they can avoid accountability by blaming others for their unacknowledged failings.

Such people should be kept as far away from positions of power as possible because by failing to adapt to new circumstances appropriately, they place the entire country at risk.


Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and company will spin this fake crisis saying somehow, someway, it’s all President Trump’s fault and all Americans should rally behind the Democrats, support their New Green Deal, raise taxes and turn America into Venezuela.

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Liberalism will never be on the side of the American People. Liberalism was born in France, a nation of absolute rulers, whether Kings or Emperors. It is state-centric and “science” based. I put quotes around science as the science government follows state-controlled.



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