Democrat Struggles Continue As Sanders’ Supporters Demand Socialized Medicine To Be A Part Of Biden’s Platform

It’s no surprise that Joe Biden is correctly seen by his own leftist Sanderista allies as a senile moderate they hope to manipulate once they assume power if Biden wins in November.

Biden sees them as a force he needs to win and that he can fob off come January with some mid-level cabinet posts. Both are trying to use the other to gain power at the eventual expense of the other. It’s like watching Germany and Russia between August 1939 and June 1941.

Now the Sanders people are chafing at the deal, and one of their honchos, Jeff Weaver, has been called in to cool their jets. This fracas is over socialized medicine. The Sanders people want it in the platform and party message.

The Biden people refuse to commit to it, knowing what hay President Trump would make with the commitment. Now Weaver is telling his own people that he and Sanders want them to shut up about it.

“They made a deal with the Biden campaign and that they are asking all Bernie people on the committee to drop their proposals. This is what Bernie wants,” said Weaver on the platform demands on socialized medicine.

But his acolytes are not listening. Only three weeks before the Democratic National Convention, hundreds of hard-left Sanders delegates have said they will vote against their party’s platform if it does not include support for “Medicare-for-all,” their dog whistle for a complete government takeover of the entire health care system.

Other demands Sanderistas have been asked to drop include, “superdelegates on second ballot permanent,” “eliminating superdelegates altogether,” “expanded mail-in-ballots, longer voting hours, expanded early vote,” and “a proposal to move more states from holding caucuses to primaries.”

Tall order to get the Sanders people to almost totally sell out to Biden, relying on his private promise they’ll get it all after he is elected. But they know Biden’s record of slippery dealing and that they’ll probably get shafted. Hence their hard stance now.

Weaver is adamant, however:

“Those reforms included ensuring that the Democratic nominee is selected solely by rank and file voters in caucuses and primaries, as was the case this year. Because we reached that agreement, we discouraged any amendments which would violate that agreement… Senator Sanders has a long history of being a person who keeps his word. That integrity is central to who he is as a political leader and why he is so respected across the political spectrum.”

Across? I bet Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton just adore the man.

Will the Bolsheviks get in line and support the Mensheviks, at least until November? If the classic red piper comes for payment, can Biden/Kerensky hold them off? Or will he merely be a figurehead run by hard-left cabinet officers and a radical vice president?

Before Labor Day, when the presidential fight starts in earnest, the two sides will have to cut a deal the Sanderistas will be happy with or they can make trouble for Biden like they made trouble for Hillary in 2016. If only…

This piece was written by David Kamioner on August 1, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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