DC Mayor Bowser’s Advisory Board Wants Washington Monument Removed

Washington, D.C.’s local government advisory commission has recommended name changes for many schools and government buildings, and wants Mayor Muriel Bowser to ask the federal government to “remove, relocate, or contextualize” certain memorials – including the Washington Monument.

“The Working Group’s research revealed that more than 70% of assets named in the District of Columbia are named for white men, many of whom were not District residents,” the “DC Faces” report stated.

DC Democrats hell-bent on erasing American history

The review began after protests were held over the police killing of George Floyd, which included plenty of friction between protesters and and DC police.

The name changes on public federal buildings and spaces included U.S. Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Zachary Taylor, John Tyler, and Woodrow Wilson, along with historical figures like Alexander Graham Bell and Francis Scott Key.

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White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah tweeted, “Spoiler alert: @MayorBowser‘s report recommends: ‘removing, relocating, or contextualizing’ the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, & Benjamin Franklin statue to name a few.”

Mayor Muriel Bowser did not address any of the specific details in the report on Tuesday.

“I look forward to reviewing and advancing their recommendations,” the Mayor said on Twitter.

Republicans respond quickly

The recommendations were quickly attacked by Republicans.

GOP strategist Brian Walsh said, “That sound you hear is smart Democratic operatives banging their heads against the wall because this is what we call a softball for the other side.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s Nathan Brand tweeted, “This is not parody.”

‘What a joke, except it’s not funny anymore’

Spencer Brown of Young Americans for Freedom tweeted, “Mayor Bowser & her working group recommend DC ‘remove, relocate, or contextualize’ the Washington Monument & Jefferson Memorial in order to better reflect DC’s ‘values.”

“Meanwhile, murders are up 15% and shootings are up 45% YOY,” he added. “What a joke, except it’s not funny anymore.”

Then a Republican powerhouse weighed in when Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said, “Not on my watch. Never going to happen.”

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None of these recommended name changes can happen to federal memorials without the agreement of the federal government.

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