A new poll shows that Minnesota is in play for the election this November, with Joe Biden’s lead against Donald Trump within the margin of error.

Very Close Polls in Minnesota

The poll by Emerson College Polling puts Joe Biden at 51%, with President Trump only 2 points behind at 49%, not including undecided voters. Including the 3% of undecided voters, this puts Biden at 50%, and President Trump at 47%, which is still well within the margin of error.

Within those who plan to vote by mail, 91% plan to vote for Biden, and for those who want to vote in person, 68% of those are backing President Trump.

Looking at the differences between now and 2016, 46% of voters say they are financially better off, compared to 36% who say they are in the same situation, and 18% say they are worse off.

People Quick To Criticize, But Emerson Is Pretty Accurate!

Many people were quick to criticize the poll on Twitter, claiming the sampling was completely wrong, wanting to deny the fact that President Trump may win Minnesota. If we’re talking about the accuracy of polls, Emerson is right up there as being solid. FiveThirtyEight has Emerson as the second most accurate pollster up to 2016, with even a Democrat bias of plus 1.2%.

This is very significant. If President Trump is able to win Minnesota, he will be the first Republican to do so since Richard Nixon back in 1972. And if he does, he could afford to lose a lot more states he won in 2016 and still cross that 270 finish line.

Minnesota May Back Trump Because Of Radical Leftists And Riots

So why is Minnesota so close to backing Trump now? Perhaps it has something to do with Minneapolis being the powder-keg which exploded across the rest of the country in riots, and that they are stuck with radical leftists like Ilhan Omar representing them in Congress.

Either way, if the President can pull this off, we will see yet another political upset in 2020!