Critics Blast Mehdi Hasan After He Thanks ‘Black Women’ For Trying To Jail Trump

Critics piled on Mehdi Hasan after the MSNBC host celebrated black women for doing "what a bunch of white guys" failed to do in taking legal action against former President Donald Trump.
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Critics piled on Mehdi Hasan after the MSNBC host celebrated black women for doing “what a bunch of white guys” failed to do in taking legal action against the former President Donald Trump.

Hasan made the racially-tinged comments during an airing of his network show late Sunday night.

The segment begins with what the host believes to be examples of Trump’s racism, with him claiming that the former president “had a problem with people of color for decades.”

As examples, Hasan references Trump telling Representative Ilhan Omar to go back to where she came from, calling Vice President Kamala Harris “nasty,” and mocking her fascination with busses.

What Hasan leaves out, of course, knowing his audience is not interested in facts, is that Trump was telling Omar to go back to her own district, not her country, he originally called Hillary Clinton “nasty” proving it isn’t about skin color, and Harris does in fact have an odd obsession with school busses.

That said, Hasan proceeded to celebrate three “black women” trying to put Trump in jail – Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, and New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“It’s never not a good time to thank Black women in America for their services to the republic, for stepping up again and again to save American democracy through their sacrifices, their strength, their activism, their votes,” he said.

“But this month in particular we should thank Black women for doing what a bunch of white guys have failed to do for years: hold Donald Trump ― hold a former president ― accountable for his alleged criming,” he added.

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Hasan Shredded Over ‘Racist’ Comments

Suffice it to say, had any journalist in America celebrated three white men for going after a black female President, they would have been fired immediately and branded a racist.

On MSNBC, you’re heralded as a great journalist for reverse racism.

If God forbid, we do see a Kamala Harris presidency one day, do you think it’d be accepted by the media if somebody thanked white prosecutors and judges for trying to put her in jail?

And while Hasan will escape scrutiny by the legacy media, a handful of X users pointed out on the social media platform that his comments were racist in nature.

Canadian lawyer David Freiheit called Hasan “one of the most disgusting and purest race-baiters the world has ever known.”

“These are the people driving hate towards black people,” wrote political commentator Greg Foreman.

Multiple other X users pointed out that Hasan’s admitting that the actions taken by Willis, Chutkan, and James are racially motivated.

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Hasan’s History Of Racist Comments

Aside from being a race-baiter, Hasan is just a blatant liar. In a segment on his show on Friday, he defended school lockdowns during COVID and pushed the false claim that learning loss during the pandemic was a “dangerous myth.”

Multiple studies proved children had their education setback by years due to the lockdowns.

Aside from that entire segment being provably false, and Hasan being a general ignoramus, the MSNBC host has a history of his own racist comments.

He accused former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley of “abandoning” her race by running for President while trying to avoid identity politics.

Hasan promoted comments by political commentator Wajahat Ali that Haley is an “alpha Karen with brown skin” using “her brown skin … to launder white supremacist talking points.”

Hasan also famously referred to non-Muslim people as “animals” and “people of no intelligence.”

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