WATCH: Trump’s Imitation of Kamala Harris and Her Love of Busses Leaves Tucker in Stitches

Donald Trump offered up an imitation of Vice President Kamala Harris that left Tucker Carlson in stitches.
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Last night, the former President Donald Trump offered up an imitation of Vice President Kamala Harris that led to Tucker Carlson laughing out loud multiple times.

Trump, the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president, opted to accept an interview opportunity with Carlson rather than engage in the first GOP debate.

The interview aired on X, formerly known as Twitter, directly opposite the debate on Fox News on Wednesday night.

It quickly racked up 155 million views.

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Trump Mocks Kamala Harris And Her Love Of Busses

One particular moment captured the two men – pariahs in the media and centrist GOP circles – having an absolute blast.

Carlson began by referencing President Joe Biden and the fact that he’s “failing,” something that is “clear to everybody.” He then wondered if that opens up the door for Harris, noting that this could also be a disaster, because “she seems pretty senile too.”

That comment opened the door for Trump to start mocking the inept Vice President.

“She speaks in rhyme. It’s weird. It’s weird,” Trump said.

Carlson, already laughing replied, “In rhyme?”

Trump then fired off his imitation which, while definitely not in rhyme, sounded like a “Dick and Jane” reader book from grade school. And if you think about – that’s exactly how she talks!

“Well, the way she talks,” Trump said. “‘The bus will go here and then the bus will go there! Because that’s what busses do!’ It’s weird. The whole thing is weird.”

He added, “This is not a president of the United States’ future.”

Tucker was unable to contain his laughter following Trump’s imitation.

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Yes, Kamala Loves Her Some Busses

For those who haven’t seen the many clips online, yes, Vice President Harris frequently expresses her love of school busses.

During a speech last year in Seattle, Harris commented on the nostalgia of a “yellow school bus.”

“Who doesn’t love a yellow school bus, right? Can you raise your hand if you love a yellow school bus?” she gushed. “Many of us went to school on the yellow school bus, right?”

Then there was the time she literally honked the horn of a bus and quoted from the song “The Wheels On The Bus.”

Harris’ love of busses may only be rivaled by her obsession with bright and shiny Venn diagrams.

She’s like a cat with a laser pointer. Or the dog in the movie Up being thrown off by the presence of a “Squirrel!”

And Trump’s impersonation is pretty spot on.

Carlson and Trump would eventually discuss other potential Democrat candidates who could step in if President Biden doesn’t run, or if he has to step aside due to his obvious physical and mental frailties.

Trump noted the possibility of California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) stepping in, pointing out that despite the fact that his state is in utter shambles, Democrats with bad track records rarely are held accountable.

He then took another shot at President Biden.

“Every time you watch him talking it’s like he’s walking on eggs,” Trump mocked. “You’re waiting for him to collapse … and he almost always does.”

Many would argue that Trump was the true winner of last night’s debate, even without showing up.

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