Congressional Democrat Retreat Features Entertainment By Drag Queen Who Called Biden Senile

The House Democrats’ 2022 campaign committee retreat featured a performance by Lady Bunny, a drag queen who has criticized President Biden as senile and a liar.

The House Democrats’ 2022 campaign committee retreat reportedly featured a performance by a drag queen known as Lady Bunny.

Keen observers noted the drag queen has frequently attacked the Democrat Party’s leader, Joe Biden, as senile and a liar.

The ‘Issues Conference’ held a reception Wednesday evening hosted by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY).

The invite notes that the reception is to feature a performance by Lady Bunny, whose Twitter bio labels her as a “staunch progressive” and “comedienne.”

The retreat is a three-day event being held in Philadelphia.

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Drag Queen Lady Bunny Not A Biden Fan

Lady Bunny is an edgy choice for the Democrat retreat no doubt, but perhaps more so for the drag queen’s history of criticizing prominent Democrat politicians.

In a tweet from August of 2019, Lady Bunny dragged then-presidential candidate Joe Biden as “senile” and worried that former President Trump would make “mincemeat” of him.

That tweet was in response to Biden mistakenly praising the state of Vermont when asked about his impression of Keene, New Hampshire.

In another social media post just two months ago, the drag queen jokes about a potential comeback for Hillary Clinton, saying: “What will the slogan be? ‘We know Joe’s a corporate hawk and a liar. But unlike Biden, Hillary’s not senile!'”

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Mocked Several Democrats

Lady Bunny has been highly critical of other Democrats, including one who is part of the House and could very well be attending the retreat – Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

Swalwell was taken to task for demanding airlines ban unvaccinated flyers.

Lady Bunny roasted him for failing to grasp that vaccinated people can spread COVID just as well as the unvaccinated.

“Are you not aware that vaccinated people can also transmit and get COVID?” the drag queen fired back. “So you’re essentially saying ‘No one should fly.'”

The drag queen has also taken Vice President Kamala Harris to task for the administration’s slow roll-out of COVID tests during the omicron variant surge.

“Kamala can’t answer his question about why tests aren’t ready now after two years of pandemic. And one year of Biden,” Lady Bunny wrote.

As a “staunch progressive,” I’m sure Lady Bunny has a social media account littered with criticisms of Republican lawmakers. And as a “comedienne,” one expects the envelope to be pushed.

But having entertainment provided to your party’s retreat that has called the leader of that party “senile” is a new level of disrespect.

Thursday evening’s reception will feature musical entertainment from the “Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff.”

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