Biden Wants $2.6 Billion To Promote ‘Gender Equity’ Worldwide As Gas And Food Prices, War Rage Out Of Control

President Biden announced a request for $2.6 billion in assistance to programs that promote 'gender equity' worldwide.

President Biden calibrated his priorities in support of International Women’s Day, announcing he’d request $2.6 billion for assistance to programs that promote ‘gender equity’ worldwide.

It was the same day that Members of Congress said they agreed to $14 billion to Ukraine

The President issued a statement Tuesday touting his efforts at prioritizing gender equity and announcing the investment request.

“I’m proud that my FY 2023 Budget will request $2.6 billion for foreign assistance programs that promote gender equality worldwide, more than doubling the amount requested for gender programs last year,” he said.

“On this day and every day, let us recognize that all of us have a better future when women and girls can reach their full potential — and together, let’s renew our efforts to advance dignity, equality, and limitless possibilities for all,” added Biden.

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Biden Focuses on Gender Equity

Are there not enough crises raging out of control for President Biden to focus on other than gender equity – like say, the gas crisis, raging inflation, the border invasion, or the threat of nuclear war?

Instead, the President is celebrating making gender equity “a cornerstone of my Administration … shortly after taking office a year ago.”

A lot has happened since then, Joe.

Say… how does the administration view women’s sports, anyway?

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Can’t Focus on Real Concerns

Vice President Kamala Harris took some heat last week when she seemed to also avert her attention from the true concerns of a majority of the American people by pushing the ‘Equality Act.’

“Let’s send the Equality Act to President Biden’s desk,” she demanded as war operations were being conducted in Eastern Europe and Russian President Vladimir Putin had made nuclear threats.

In other moves demonstrating that gender issues are the “cornerstone” of the Biden administration, the United States Air Force authorized the use of gender pronouns in signature blocks for department communications.

Prior to that, the Biden State Department celebrated issuing the first US passport with an “X” gender marker.

They also marked ‘International Pronouns Day’ with a tweet offering guidance on why people share their pronouns on social media.

The informational post explained that “sharing pronouns (is) a way of getting to know someone” and “avoids accidentally assuming an incorrect gender.”


Biden’s latest announcement attempts to link billions in funding for worldwide gender equity programs to national security.

“Every person deserves the chance to live up to their full God-given potential, without regard for gender or other factors,” he said.

“Ensuring that every woman and girl has that chance isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s also a strategic imperative that advances the prosperity, stability, and security of our nation and the world.”

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