This Comedian’s Joke About Hillary Is Going To Make Liberal Heads Explode

Rich Little

MSNBC brought famous impersonator Rich Little on to the set of their Democrat debate analysis, and quickly regretted it in short order when he made an off-script joke about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Hosts Chris Matthews and Joan Walsh were almost immediately offended and couldn’t cut away from Little quick enough.

The offending joke?

Walsh, after hearing Little seamlessly pull off his presidential impersonations of Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, asked “What about Hillary?”

To which Little replied, “I don’t do Hillary, but then neither does Bill.”

Via Mediaite:

Celebrity impersonator Rich Little made a joke on MSNBC Tuesday night implying that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton no longer participate in, uh, marital activities.

The Las Vegas-based comedian was brought on as a guest following the Democratic debate to do impressions of classic politicians like Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. “What about Hillary?” asked guest Joan Walsh.

“I don’t do Hillary,” Little said, before laughing and adding, “But then, neither does Bill.”

Host Chris Matthews quickly jumped in. “No, no, let’s move on. It’s a late night show. We’ll take that back,” he said smiling.

Video can be found on Mediaite – and you really need to watch how wretchedly uncomfortable Walsh and Matthews become at a bit of humor poking fun at the Clintons.

Comment:  Was Rich Little’s joke about Hillary funny or over the line?  Would Chris Matthews and Joan Walsh have reacted the same way had a guest made a similar joke about Carly Fiorina or even Sarah Palin?

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