Rush Limbaugh Just Revealed America’s Biggest Security Threat – The White House is Going to Hate This

Rush Limbaugh

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh told listeners today who he believes to be America’s number one national security threat.

Limbaugh was discussing Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server, when the conversation dovetailed to an even bigger threat to our nation – Barack Hussein Obama.

The radio host said that he was serious and it wasn’t even close.

The only question remaining, according to Limbaugh, is whether it is “by accident, (or) by design.”

Listen to the segment below …

Via the Daily Caller:

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said that President Barack Obama is “America’s number one national security problem” Tuesday.

Limbaugh made the remarks while discussing Obama saying that he does not believe Hillary Clinton using a private email server while secretary of state was a national security threat.

“He said that Hillary’s illegal server was not a national security problem, which is rich, coming from Obama. Because Obama is America’s number one national security problem, if you ask me,” Limbaugh said. “No, I’m not exaggerating. And I’m not going for laughs here. I really mean it. I think that Barack Obama’s our number one national security problem or risk, whether by accident, by design.”

Limbaugh fleshed out his argument, asking listeners what, other than a national security risk, could you possibly call a man who is allowing Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, and who has provided billions of dollars to the mullahs that sponsors and harbors terrorism?

Comment:  Who do you think is the biggest threat to American national security?  Is it Barack Obama?

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