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Socialist College Girl Gets Owned on Global Warming

Years ago, Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom (TUSIF) hosted Ann McElhinney, an Irish documentary filmmaker behind the documentary film “Not Evil, Just Wrong” to their campus. The film debunks a number of arguments made in favor of so-called “global warming.”

Also speaking on the panel were Jennifer Stefano, Director of Energy and Labor Policy, AFP-PA; and Tom Pyle, President, American Energy Alliance. By the end of the night, it was clear the the Temple U. Socialists-Feminist club would be providing the entertainment for the evening.

One brilliant, intellectual student challenged McElhimmey at the end of the event’s Q&A session, referring to her as a “goddamned idiot” despite not being comprehensible herself. Among her claims: “A big part of climate change is the United States, I guess; gluttonist, consumer driven, you know, abusive and exploitative lives.”

It only goes downhill from there.


As we reported back in June, these kinds of people really will believe anything. A “carbon capture” company in Denmark embarked on a new environmental project that will inevitably require government funding to meet its lofty and expensive goals.  The company that created this carbon capturing plant in Switzerland, Climeworks, says it will take 250,000 of these facilities, at $4.5 million a piece, to reduce global CO2 by just 1%. That would cost $1.125 TRILLION dollars.

Yet, the same CO2 reduction could be achieved by planting less than $2 billion worth of trees.

This is why people don’t trust our policymakers on so-called “global warming.” Instead of taking the easiest or cheapest or least disruptive route to addressing it, we’re pushed toward the costliest solutions. Corporations and politicians are, plain and simply, looking at climate change as a cash cow and a way to further fleece taxpayers.

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