CNN Makes a BIG Foreign Policy Blunder; Costello Forced to Apologize

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During Carol Costello’s interview with Lt. Col. James Reese on CNN, a banner appeared labeling the Ukrainian forces as “Pro-U.S. Troops.” This was viewed as a massive foreign policy blunder for CNN as it fed into Moscow’s talking points that blame the United States and NATO for the conflict in Ukraine.

“This chyron has provided Moscow with an invaluable propaganda tool. Russia has long claimed that the conflict in Ukraine was ignited by the Western powers who inserted themselves into the burgeoning conflict in order to thwart Russian-speaking Ukrainians’ desire for autonomy, security, and self-determination. The Kremlin maintains that there would be no conflict in Ukraine if the West acceded to the popular will which Russia contends supports the creation of pro-Moscow puppet republics all along the Black Sea coast.”

After being derided on social media for the blunder which fed into Moscow’s propaganda, Costello was forced to apologize for the “Pro-US troops” banner.



Costello has apologized before for sloppy and biased journalism. While she likely didn’t have any input for the wording on the screen, it is a reflection upon her show.

What responsibility does the media have to accurately report facts? Please comment below.

H/T: Hot Air

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