Chuck Todd Accuses Trump Of Refusing To Accept Reality And Falsely Claiming Election Was Stolen

“Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd let loose on President Donald Trump on Sunday for his refusal to concede the presidential election to Joe Biden. Todd went so far as to claim that Trump is refusing to accept reality.

Chuck Todd Attacks Trump

“Nearly two weeks after an election contest won by Joe Biden by more than 5.5 million votes so far and a comfortable electoral vote margin, the country is facing two interconnected crises,” Todd said. “One, the President of the United States refuses to concede the election, claiming falsely that it was somehow stolen.”

“His attorney general is currently encouraging investigations into voter fraud, despite a lack of evidence that any exists,” he continued. “His secretary of state is suggesting the president will be inaugurated for a second term. Perhaps he was kidding.”

“The president fired his defense secretary and filling the Defense Department with loyalists, some of whom traffic in conspiracy theories,” the NBC host added. “If this were happening anywhere else, our State Department would be issuing grim reports about the future of that country’s democracy. But that country is this country. It’s happening here.”

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Todd Doubles Down

Not stopping there, Todd criticized Trump for the way he is treating Biden.

“Making matters worse, the administration is refusing to allow Biden’s team access to secure communications and classified briefings including Operation Warp Speed, which covers vaccination distribution for the exploding COVID crisis,” he said. “In fact, this is happening as President Trump is all but ignoring the pandemic, reportedly not even met with his own COVID task force in at least five months.”

“The pandemic is at its highest peak yet,” Todd continued. “In just the last week, 31 states report records for new cases, and the last six states have seen the highest case counts nationwide. In short, President Trump is refusing to acknowledge two realities, his defeat, and COVID-19. But the virus does not care, as it continues its march across the country doing exactly what experts have long predicted it would do.”

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Though various media outlets have called the election for Biden, Trump has yet to officially concede. Instead, he has promised to fight this election out in court, filing various lawsuits that he says will expose mass voter fraud.

This piece was written by James Samson on November 15, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • Chuck "The Fraud" Todd! I want to see your face as you report the President actually has 410 Electoral Votes and that everyone involved with Dominion Hardware and Software are indicted for Election Fraud. You are on the losing team here Todd, and you ARE going down with the Liberal Media.

  • Simple, Todd says this because he dislikes Trump. If he liked Trump, he'd be singing a different tune...

  • Chuck needs to stop smoking whatever it is that he is smoking or maybe just stop using whatever his drug of choice is. They really are frying what little brain he has left. This idiot screamed about Russian collusion, about impeaching President Trump and about how Trump stole the Presidency away from his girlfriend Hillary. He has been a liberal puppet for many years and should be fired for being so biased against Trump. He definitely needs to get some medical help for Trump Derangment Syndrome.

  • Chuck "F" Todd is just another Jimmy Acosta and since they both come out of the same used barrel, both smell alike.....badly.........

  • Tim Russert is turning over in his grave. How does this successor take on liberal causes and think that he represents impartial opinion. I'm disgusted with him and all of his network colleagues. NBC is no longer a viable entity for news.

  • Trump lost the popular vote.

    Trump lost the electoral vote.

    Trump has lost court challenges.

    He needs to accept reality.

    He LOST. He needs to get over it.

  • Whoa Chuck! Weren't you part of the Main Stream Media shouting Russian Collusion and that the 2016 election was stolen from Hillary Clinton? Did you EVER accept the reality of no collusion by Russia? You and the rest of those who have spent the past 4 years trying to destroy and unseat President Trump and no room to talk! If you, Chuck, think it's perfectly okay to sneak mail-in votes into the counting area at 4:00 am on 11/4, and then deny Republican poll watchers access, then YOU, Chuck, are definitely part of the problem!

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