Dakota Meyer And Bristol Palin Heading for Divorce

Terrible news for the Palin family this morning after it was reported that Bristol Palin and decorated veteran Dakota Meyer may be headed for a divorce.

The Daily Mail reports that the couple is on the rocks, and that Meyer left Palin back in December, and has since blocked her on social media. From the exclusive report:

Dakota Meyer has filed for divorce from Bristol Palin a source tells DailyMail.com.

The veteran filed paperwork two weeks ago according to the source, and moved out of the couple’s Austin home around Christmas.

The couple were married in a private ceremony back in 2016, a little over a year after calling of[f] their first wedding just days before the ceremony.

Just last year, Dakota and Bristol announced the birth of their second child together, Atlee Bay. Unfortunately, it looks like the Palin family will soon be split up.

This is very sad, and a huge blow to the Palin family, which has seen no shortage of personal scandals over the past few years.

Not too long ago, Bristol Palin came out in a blog post accusing the media of sexually harassing their family. Last December, Track Palin was arrested for getting into a fight with his father.

Dakota Meyer, of course, is a Medal of Honor recipient who served his country with valor.

This all just goes to show that divorce is an issue that affects all families, rich or poor, popular or obscure.

We should pray for the Palin family at this time.

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  • Let me get this straight. Bristol Palin was a teenage mother who became the national spokeperson for Abstinence only birth control.

    Bristol and Dakota Meyer were engaged and abstinence worked so well that when they broke up she was pregnant with her second unmarried child.

    After a court battle over custody, they reconciled and got married,for real. And had another baby. Before their new baby gets to her first birthday, Bristol and Dakota are going to divorce.

    And now everyone is looking to the Palin family for leadership?

  • I don’t know that i’d call this “terrible” news. Bristol Palin just doesn’t seem to be good at picking the men in her life. Sad for the kids involved...

    • Indulged children expect their spouses to indulge them as did their parents. Rarely do they find a spouse that will comply to their satisfaction. A spouse cannot be spouse and a consistently indulging parent-type also.

      • So, how do you know that Bristol has been Indulged, Dumba*s?? You sure talk big for a stupid DemoRAT.... Guess George Soros' talking points are getting more complicated for stupid people like you.

      • So, tell us , since know all things, How was Bristol over indulged, As*hole?? You are obviously overabundant with insight on the workings of the world. I bet you voted for Killery, didn't you?? You don't have the slightest idea what the Palins are all about and you are clearly talking through your nose cause your mouth knows better. Ao why don't you get your liberal butt out of here. Go to Iran. Seems your President OBUMMER seems to like it over there so much.

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