BREAKING – San Bernardino Terrorist’s iPhone Hacked By FBI After All (WHOA)

Terrorist's iPhone Unlocked
Big news is coming in on the 2015 San Bernardino shooting – the FBI says it has finally hacked one terrorist’s iPhone without the help of Apple.

If you recall, the FBI had argued – and even brought suit against Apple – claiming that the company needed to create an unlimited “backdoor” that would allow them to hack any phone. Apple fought back in the court of public opinion:

The US Department of Justice, with the help of a third party, has successfully accessed data on a phone used by a terrorist in December’s attack in San Bernardino, California, it revealed in a court filing Monday. It said it no longer needs Apple’s assistance in unlocking the iPhone 5C used by Syed Farook, and it has asked Riverside, California-based US Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym to vacate her order compelling Apple to assist in the case.

The move Monday ends the legal battle between Apple and the FBI in this particular case, but it doesn’t end the overarching battle about privacy and security. There are hundreds of other iPhones that law enforcement agencies around the country want unlocked, opening Apple to potential litigation across the US. And the government’s success at accessing data on the iPhone also raises some concerns about the security of Apple’s devices.

“We sought an order compelling Apple to help unlock the phone to fulfill a solemn commitment to the victims of the San Bernardino shooting — that we will not rest until we have fully pursued every investigative lead related to the vicious attack,” Eileen M. Decker, US attorney for the Central District of California, said in a statement. “Although this step in the investigation is now complete, we will continue to explore every lead, and seek any appropriate legal process, to ensure our investigation collects all of the evidence related to this terrorist attack.”

What do you think of this big news? What intel will they find on the phone that could give us some insight into this attack or help us prepare for others? And what are the implications for future cases pitting the government against technology companies? Sound off below!

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