BLM Is Already Making Biden Demands – Didn’t The Far-Left Tell Us They Would Set The Agenda?

Biden BLM

Black Lives Matter is making demands of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as repayment for the leftist organization’s support for the Democratic ticket in the 2020 presidential election.

A statement on the BLM website declares “We want something for our vote.”


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BLM: ‘We Want To Be Heard And Our Agenda To Be Prioritized’

“The truth is, getting Trump out of office was not the end all, be all,” the statement read. “The work is just beginning. We want to be heard and our agenda to be prioritized.”

The openly Marxist BLM organization wants to hold the new administration accountable.

“We start by both holding the new president-elect and vice president-elect accountable to their campaign commitments of addressing systemic racism and by emphasizing our willingness to work with them,” the website stated.

This should not surprise anyone. The far-left has been telling us throughout this election that they intend to drive Biden’s agenda.

Michael Moore Said Biden Should Embrace Socialism

Progressive documentarian and activist Michael Moore recently urged Biden to veer socialist.

Moore wrote on his Facebook page, “They [centrists] think because Trump got 70 million votes the Democrats should reject Black Lives Matter, AOC, and anything that vaguely sounds like socialism — at a time when the majority of our citizens under the age of 35, according to most polls, prefer the idea of democratic socialism over the greed of modern-day capitalism.”

“Why risk losing them?” Moore added. “We need to listen to and understand why they feel this way.”


Moore then said Biden should expand on Obama’s “democratic socialism.”

“They’ve been saddled with crushing student debt and we’ve handed them a planet In the middle of its 6th extinction event as their future,” Moore wrote.

He then added, “You and Barack introduced them to the benefits of democratic socialism by letting them stay on their parents health insurance until they’re 26!”

Moore believes this put Biden over the top.

“The result: They just set a record by coming out and voting for you in the largest youth numbers ever,” Moore declared.

The Squad Gets Even More Extreme

The Squad’s Rashida Tlaib has been attacking moderate Democrats for saying “defund the police” and other radical messaging hurt their party in the House this election.

“I can’t be silent” insists Tlaib.

“Silent” about what? Her radical agenda.

Fellow Squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez scolded her party.

“Anti-racism plays zero percent of a role in Democratic electoral strategy — zero, explicitly, implicitly,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I’m not telling people to virtue signal, but there’s just like no plan for it.”

What kind of plans would the squad like to see to fight “racism?”

Remember, this is the same Democrat who recently suggested putting those on Team Trump on a “list.”

Biden Spokesperson Says AOC ‘Won’t Be Disappointed’ By Biden

Ocasio-Cortez has been telling everyone that she and her allies are going to play a large role in steering the Biden administration and the Democratic Party.

ABC News recently asked Biden spokesperson Kate Bedingfield if socialists like Ocasio-Cortez might be disappointed.


“No, I think that Vice President Biden campaigned on an incredibly progressive and aggressive agenda,” Bedingfield responded.

“Take a look, for example, at his climate plan. It’s the boldest, biggest climate plan that’s ever been put forward by, you know, by a nominee running for president, and now a president-elect,” she said.

Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Called It

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany warned during a Fox News interview in late October what might happen if Biden won the presidential election and Democrats made advances in Congress.

McEnany did not mince words.

“Joe Biden has become an empty vessel for the radical left as he’s withered away and you heard from his puppeteers last night, AOC and Ilhan Omar, the people who are pulling the strings, calling the shots,” she said.

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The election is still being decided, but from what we see coming from Democrats and the left so far…

Isn’t she right?

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