This is the fight of our lives. If you have any doubts, watch some video clips of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC wants to make an “enemies list” to seek retribution of those who supported President Trump. What in the heck?

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That kind of nonsense, not surprising from the likes of her, if true, is equivalent to inciting violence, and proof that this person is dangerous.

And you’re not blind.

You’re witnessing the media doing what they always do. They are trying to create a narrative that favors their guy.

Then, and I’m going to say when, Pres. Trump hauls their asses in front of the Supreme Court with mountains of evidence of improper votes and has this bullcrap overturned, they can scream and holler.

This time I think they went too far, and they know it also.

They’ve beaten the Russia, Russia, Russia horse to death, so they’re activating plan B, which is to convince as many as they possibly can that Biden actually won already, and then Trump swooped in and stole it again, just using different means this time.

I can just feel it.

Before You Forget It

I’ll raise an issue nobody here will. It’s an important one.

Americans know one thing: absolute political power is dangerous.

What they don’t know is equally important: cumulative economic power can be equally dangerous and destructive.

In the past, on numerous occasions, in many places, it was a center of power (a reforming king, for example) that was more beneficial for the nation than, let’s call them “magnates.”

Insanely wealthy individuals who collectively opposed a ruler, undermined him, and eventually destroyed him and the nation.

We seem to have a slightly similar situation. We blame the media reporters, for example, but not Bezos, Slim, or the owners of the media.

But it was to a significant degree the “magnates” that brought us where we are now.

And yes, Trump brings to my mind tragic lonely figures of the past who fought the magnates.

If we still can prevent Trump from becoming such a tragic figure and save the nation, we must do everything possible.

AOC Wants Larger Voice Under Biden Presidency

AOC said that Trump voters should be held accountable.

I say the anti-Trump Republicans should be held to account. Why do they keep getting reelected? Who votes for these turncoats?

At the very least, they are squishes who have no integrity at all. At the worst, they are treasonous coup-plotters.

Ask yourself what’s more important, “The Constitution of the USA” or the “Progressive Movement”? For those who have not decided, “you only get to choose one time”…..choose wisely.

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If the Dems somehow manage to seize the presidency and both houses, people will start to realize how right Trump was.

Biden is a Trojan horse for the radicals which are taking over the Democrat Party. He’s merely a facade.

He won’t finish his term, and Kamala, probably the most far-left (and least popular) candidate who ran, will take over as president partway through, and it will all have been by design. Mark my words.

AOC and those of her ilk are, in fact, the fascists they claim to be fighting against.

Biden has an opportunity to unite us, but only if he rejects the left’s extremism and invites meaningful participation by Republicans.

Perhaps a unity cabinet?

With All That Said…

Sweetie, you’re gonna need someone to teach you how to work, and I think you’ll find most people who worked for the Trump administration have no desire to work with a bunch of crooks.