Bill Clinton’s Protégé In Hot Water After PA Supreme Court Suspends Law License


Clinton protégé Kathleen Kane is in hot water. The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s first year in office was met with much praise from Democrats who considered her to be a rising national star. This summer, Kane was charged with violating grand jury secrecy laws by leaking details of an investigation to retaliate against a political enemy and lying about it under oath.

Kane, who Chris Matthew’s previously said was a future Presidential contender, has been dealt another blow. This time by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania who unanimously suspended her law license.

The state’s Attorney General needs to be a member of the bar. Now Kane is no longer able to fulfill that requirement. But the Supreme Court stated it was not removing Kane from office and was simply temporarily suspending her law license.

This means Kane cannot make legal decisions but can make administrative decisions. This handicaps her office. She now faces the possibility of being impeached.

Kane’s rising star has fallen hard and fast. Bill Clinton hasn’t had much success recently with picking candidates who could go the distance without having scandals.

The media typically asks each Republican about minuscule things that other Republicans say. Do you think they will ask Democrat opinions on this? What do you think Hillary would say?  Please join the discussion.

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