A new poll in the battleground state of Iowa shows President Biden’s approval rating plunging amidst several ongoing crises.

The new Des Moines Register-Mediacom Iowa poll shows a significant 62 percent of those surveyed now disapprove of President Biden’s performance in the White House.

His approval numbers in the bellwether Hawkeye state sit at a mere 31 percent according to this poll.

The dismay for Biden’s handling of particular crises is across the board – only 22 percent of Iowans approve of the President’s handling of the Afghanistan troop withdrawal, while just 36 percent approve of his handling of the pandemic.

The numbers don’t bode well for Biden come any potential 2024 reelection effort, something he has expressed interest in pursuing.

More immediately, it could be a harbinger for Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

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Biden’s Approval In Iowa In Freefall

A similar poll in June had the President with 43 percent approving of his performance and 52 percent disapproving.

That represented Biden underwater by 9 points. The latest poll shows him underwater by a staggering 31 points.

Obama won the state of Iowa in 2008 and 2012 but President Donald Trump flipped it in 2016 and 2020.

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Trump Heading To Iowa

Speaking of Trump, the former President announced that he’d be holding a rally in Iowa that he views as “critical to our efforts to take back our Republican Majority in 2022, and then the White House in 2024.”

Details of the planned visit have yet to be ironed out.

The Hill notes that “Biden’s current 31 percent approval rating among Iowans is lower than former President Trump’s worst score in the state.”

A Quinnipiac University poll last week shows Americans, in general, are also souring on the President.

The polling group announced that Biden is “underwater on job approval and handling of key issues,” with just 42 percent approving of his job performance and 50 percent disapproving.

President Biden is fresh off a disaster in Afghanistan that led to 13 service members being killed Americans being left behind.

He is currently defending his humanitarian crisis at the border leading to thousands of Haitian illegal immigrants flooding into Del Rio, Texas.

Biden is also struggling to contain the COVID-19 pandemic that he promised to shut down and grappling with an anemic economic recovery.


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