Drone Footage Emerges Showing Thousands of Migrants Under a Bridge in Texas

Drone footage has emerged showing thousands of migrants camped out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, as reports indicate the Biden administration is overseeing the worst August at the border in 21 years.

Drone footage has emerged showing thousands of migrants camped out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Reports indicate the Biden administration is overseeing the worst August at the border in 21 years.

Fox News reports that officials have estimated the number of migrants currently under the International Bridge resides somewhere in the thousands (over 8,000 at last report).

They indicate the migrants are remaining there in anticipation of being arrested for crossing the southern border illegally.

Bill Melugin, a national correspondent with Fox News, tweeted yesterday that the number of migrants under the bridge has actually “doubled in one day” and “BP (Border Patrol) [is] overwhelmed.”

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Drone Footage of Bridge Shows Thousands of Migrants

Drone footage of the bridge in Del Rio, Texas shows just how untenable the situation is becoming in certain areas along the United States-Mexico border.

Melugin indicates that the number of migrants on the scene is “skyrocketing fast” with “more coming.”

Another video posted by Melugin shows the situation as it looks on the ground.

“The new footage shows how the migrant crisis that has rocked border states, with a knock-on effect in states across the country, appears to be far from over,” Fox reports.

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They’re Still Coming

This past summer, Vice President Kamala Harris urged migrants not to come to the border.

“Do not come. Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our borders,” she said at the time.

This latest drone footage seems to indicate the migrants surging at the border are ignoring her words and instead, paying attention to the open-border signals being sent by the administration.

In August, 208,887 illegal immigrants were apprehended attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, making this the highest number for August in 21 years and the second month in a row where encounters have surpassed 200,000.

And while the Biden administration has argued these are seasonal surges, the latest number marks a 317% increase over last August 2020 which saw 50,014 encounters.

In other heartbreaking images, US Border Patrol agents at the Rio Grande River earlier this week found a toddler and a baby strapped in an infant carrier abandoned along the riverbank.

Over 1.2 million illegal immigrants have been caught attempting to cross the border since Biden took office.

Last month, officials in South Texas issued disaster declarations due to the illegal immigration crisis at the border and the ensuing concerns that they’re spreading COVID through the area.

A little over three weeks ago, the Supreme Court delivered what might be some level of relief, voting to uphold a ruling by a federal judge in Texas which blocked the Biden administration from ending President Donald Trump’s highly effective “Remain in Mexico” immigration policy.

The policy, put in place by Trump in 2019, returned asylum-seekers to Mexico as they waited for their court hearings to take place.

Critics of the Biden administration’s immigration policies have cited his efforts to repeal the “Remain in Mexico” policy as a major reason for the surge in migrants at the border since the President took office.

The Wall Street Journal reported that ending the highly successful policy created an influx of migrants who believed the move meant the border was set to “reopen.”

“Biden’s border crisis is as dangerous, destructive, and inhumane as ever. His open borders agenda is only making things worse. His cruel policies endanger Americans and illegal immigrants, all to the profit of criminals, terrorists, and cartels,” said Tommy Pigott, Rapid Response Director for the Republican National Committee (RNC).

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