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March 3, 2023
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is speaking out to say that an Air Force leader’s testimony on military vaccine mandate contradicts the IG report.
March 2, 2023
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is claiming that a Navy leader’s testimony on vaccine mandates contradicts the inspector general report.
February 28, 2023
Military leaders will be testifying before Congress today about the impact of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
February 22, 2023
By Casey Harper (The Center Square) A slew of city-wide vaccine mandates announced in 2021 across parts of the U.S. made […]
howard stern mask mandate
March 24, 2022
Howard Stern blasted the GOP as the “wacko party” and blamed “a small minority” of people for getting mask and vaccine mandates lifted.
The White House is lifting the mask mandate for vaccinated people on Tuesday, the same day President Biden is scheduled to give his first State of the Union address.
March 1, 2022
The White House is lifting the mask mandate for vaccinated people the same day Biden give his first State of the Union address.
dee snider ukraine
March 1, 2022
Lead singer for the heavy metal group Twisted Sister Dee Snider says he supports Ukrainians using his hit song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’
MSNBC Guest Slams FDA For Slow Vax Distribution For Kids: ‘The Pro-Death, Pro-COVID, Eff Them Kids Portion Of The Pandemic’
February 18, 2022
MSNBC’s Joy Reid seems unpleased that the FDA has yet to approve vaccines for children as young as 6 months to four years old.
DeSantis Calls Biden’s Federal Mask Mandate ‘Irrational Policy’
February 17, 2022
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called President Joe Biden’s federal mask rule for air travel is “irrational.”
Trump Backs Trucker Convoy: ‘Mandates Are Very, Very Bad, You Can Push People So Far’
February 14, 2022
President Donald Trump appeared to support the so-called Freedom Convoy protests that are currently taking place throughout Canada.
bill maher trudeau hitler
February 14, 2022
Bill Maher said Canada Justin Trudeau sounded “like Hitler” remarks about whether or not to “tolerate” people who aren’t vaccinated,
Ron DeSantis Says Florida Parents Should Be Able To Sue If Their Kids Were Forced To Mask
February 14, 2022
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said parents should be able to sue if their children suffered from negative effects due to forced masking.