Biden Again Suggests Police Be Trained to Shoot Dangerous Suspects in the Leg

Joe Biden again suggested police officers be trained to de-escalate situations involving dangerous suspects by shooting them in the leg.

The Democratic presidential nominee repeated the controversial contention during a Thursday town hall moderated by ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulus.

Rather than shoot to kill in self-defense, Biden proposed wounding them instead.

“Most cops don’t like bad cops,” he said. “You can ban chokeholds, but beyond that you have to teach them how to de-escalate circumstances.”

“So instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg,” Biden concluded.

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Response To Biden Proposing Cops Shoot Dangerous Suspects In The Leg

Social media’s response to Biden’s proposal indicates disagreement on the part of many who saw the town hall comments.

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich tweeted that the idea proves “he has zero idea how police training or responding to a violent threat works.”

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino also opined on Biden’s comments.

“Spoken like a true moron who has never spent a moment in law enforcement,” he tweeted.

Conservative filmmaker Caleb Hull posted a video of Biden’s comments alongside a clip showing police officers actually trying to deal with a dangerous suspect.

The scene shows an enraged man who charges them, is seemingly incapacitated when one officer shoots him, but eventually regroups and gets a chokehold on another officer and grabs his gun.

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Biden Is Serious About This Solution

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time Biden has suggested police officers be trained to shoot suspects in the leg.

He made the same contention during a meeting with African-American community leaders at the Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, Delaware, this past June.

“The idea that instead of standing there and teaching a cop when there’s an unarmed person, coming at him with a knife or something, to shoot him in the leg instead of in the heart,” Biden said.

Critics picked him apart at the time as well.

Dana Loesch, a former spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, said Biden “clearly has zero experience with firearms, firearm law, or self-defense — you don’t shoot unless lethal force is absolutely justified.”

Rob Pincus, who has trained police officers throughout the United States and Europe, explained to the Washington Free Beacon why the ‘shoot them in the leg’ tactic is dangerous.

“Legs move. It’s much harder to hit a smaller moving target than it is to hit the chest,” Pincus stated.

“From a technical shooting skill standpoint, from a technical legal standpoint, it’s not where we want to go at all.”

In that same response at Thursday’s ABC town hall, Biden also reiterated another proposal to have psychiatrists and/or psychologists accompany police officers on dangerous calls.

He’s made this suggestion before as well.

At the first presidential debate, President Trump was able to stump Biden when he asked him to name one law enforcement group that supports his campaign.

Biden would later admit that he had “support from police my whole career up until this year.”

Perhaps his “shoot them in the leg” proposal is one reason why law enforcement doesn’t take Biden seriously.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • I really did not know the full extent of Sleepy Joes ignorance, WOW! There is a reason it is called "DEADLY FORCE" Joe. In the circumstance where you are peaked up, taking in information to make a decision to use your weapon or not on a split second decision. Shoot to soon, you will be brought up on charges. Not soon enough you may die or someone near you may die. So let's follow Joe's expertise in the same adrenalin pump situation. You draw your gun, on the move trying to get the bad guy. You shoot, and miss or just graze him/her. They grab a civilian bystander and plunge a knife into their chest, killing them. Who is at fault then Joe. Ever try to hit a leg in an arrest scenario. Now when you are taught to shoot center mass, do you know how many shots miss a torso? Leave the use of "DEADLY FORCE" up to the professionals. Idiot.

  • OK, so issue the cops 12 gauge pumps instead of 9mm's. Sh00t them in the leg with 00 bucksh0t and remove their leg entirely :)

  • I say ok shoot the leg ............... just as soon as you issue police officers and law enforcement officers with dum dum rounds, that will guarantee to stop criminals

  • well , why we don't ask the criminal nicely to please stop and turn around so we can shoot them in the buttocks

  • Whatta "igorunt Jerk" ! Yup yup yup. Just take a deep breath, take careful aim, and shoot them in the ankle.
    It's a cinch they'll never Twist again ! That'll show 'em , by golly !
    Do you really think there are people dumb enough to believe childish crap like this ? Probably descendants of those kids that thought "Hoppy" could shoot the gun out of their hands. HEH !

  • that statement certainly clears up any uncertainty as to why no police office organization has endorsed Biden doesn't it!

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