Biden Slammed As A ‘Human Pandemic’ By Mark Levin

Mark Levin Biden

Conservative commentator Mark Levin went on Fox News on Sunday to blast Joe Biden for his radically liberal policies, calling the president a “human pandemic.”

Levin Sounds Off 

“My reaction to the agenda is that Joe Biden and his merry group of proletariat supporters there in the White House are destroying this country,” Levin said.

“If I’m communist China, and I’m communist North Korea, and I’m communist Cuba, and I’m communists Venezuela, if I’m the regime in Iran, and so forth, all of our enemies, I’m sitting back and I’m laughing, because Joe Biden is destroying this country from within, and I don’t have to raise a finger,” he added. 

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Not stopping there, Levin proceeded to double down and attack Biden directly.

“He is a human pandemic,” he added. “He’s done more damage to this country in six months than communist China could ever do to us. And he is a grave threat, and his administration is a grave threat. They’re a threat to our civil liberties and free speech.”

“They’re a threat to our economic system,” Levin continued. “They’re a threat to our sovereignty, open border. This man hasn’t even traveled to the Southern border to see what his policies are doing, because he doesn’t give a damn. He knows what they’re doing, this push for critical race theory and this — and this LatCrit, and all the other things I talk about in ‘American Marxism.’”

Levin Slams Big Tech Censorship

Levin also spoke out to Fox News against Big Tech censorship of conservatives.

“Do I miss Twitter? No,” Levin said. “People keep telling me to go back on Twitter, so apparently they miss me on Twitter.”

This came days after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that the Biden administration is working directly with Facebook to flag “problematic” posts that spread “disinformation.”

Backstory: White House Admits They’re Actively Working With Facebook To Flag ‘Disinformation’

“I spent about a month saying why I’m leaving Facebook on Facebook because Facebook is a censorship and propaganda operation,” Levin added.

“We now see what they’re doing, working with the Biden administration and actually, in many respects, taking orders from the Biden administration to censor information that differs from that of the government, which is shocking and appalling,” he continued. 

This piece was written by James Samson on July 19, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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