President Biden on Wednesday was greeted with ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ jeers as he arrived in Kentucky to survey the damage left behind by deadly tornadoes this past weekend.

BBC News correspondent Tara McKelvey, clearly unhappy, reported that immediately upon exiting the motorcade the President was exposed to a Trump flag and someone yelling the condescending phrase twice.

Biden was joined in his visit to the devastated area by Republican Congressman James Comer.

Lexington Herald-Leader reporter Austin Horn confirmed the shouts from the crowd.

“Two ‘Let’s go Brandons’ from the crowd as Biden gets out,” he wrote.

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‘Let’s Go Brandon’ For Biden

Nobody supports the phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ more than yours truly.

‘Let’s go Brandon,’ for those living under a rock for the past several months, is a euphemism for the more vulgar phrase – ‘F*** Joe Biden.’

The inside joke is the result of NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, who was interrupted with a very clear and vociferous chant of “F*** Joe Biden.”

Stavast tried to tell viewers the crowd was chanting a much more palatable but very incorrect, ‘Let’s go Brandon.’

But this was neither the time nor the place for similar calls, in my humble opinion.

The latest reports indicate at least 74 people have died in Kentucky, with a total of 88 having succumbed from the devastation brought on by the storm.

It’s difficult to ascertain from the reporters tweets whether or not multiple people were shouting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ or if they had both heard the same person.

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Biden’s Political Message About The Tragedy

And while this was an inappropriate time to interject ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ jeers while Biden was visiting Kentucky, the President also made some inappropriate political comments in the wake of the tragedy.

Most notably, he pushed a climate change agenda indicating it may have been behind the deadly storms or any other weather of late.

“All that I know is that the intensity of the weather across the board has some impact as a consequence of the warming of the planet and the climate change,” he said within hours of the tornadoes.

Added Biden, “The specific impact on these specific storms, I can’t say at this point.”

Why bring it up at all then? Something he did again when visiting the scene:

Let’s Go Brandon Is Everywhere

A video surfaced last month of people at the nondenominational Cornerstone Church in San Antonio chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’


Church officials told News4SA in San Antonio that the event shown in the video was not an official church gathering but rather an event held by an outside group.

The phrase has been turning up nearly everywhere, a cultural phenomenon still sweeping the nation.

It has shown up at sporting events. It has shown up at awards ceremonies. It has shown up in Congress. And it has now shown up on products being sold by gun dealers.

It’s even been turned into several chart-topping songs.

But it didn’t belong here in Kentucky, where Governor Andy Beshear earlier this week had to choke back tears in relaying death toll information to reporters.


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