Republican Rep. Drops ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Biden Reference On House Floor

republican lets go brandon

The Biden administration seems like a perfect fit for the Halloween season. Lord knows it is scary enough, and the tales that will emerge about it through the course of history will no doubt be as frightening as we think they will. 

But along with harrowing and very real concerning stories of massive mounts of illegal immigrants crossing the border, high prices and inflation, and the truly unbelievable tale of American citizens being left behind enemy lines in a foreign country to a brutal regime, there are bright shining moments.

Like the now-infamous phrase “Let’s go Brandon!” which a Republican Congressman has now officially entered into the Congressional Record for all time.

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No One Can Ignore It

The latest to refer to America’s new friend Brandon is Rep. Bill Posey of Florida.

Friday morning on the House floor, he did two things. He referred to President Joe Biden’s campaign slogan “Build Back Better,” and a popular meme on social media that says something to the effect of, “don’t build it back, put it back the way it was and leave it the hell alone.” 

But then he did something else. He raised a fist and said, “Let’s go Brandon!”

Who is Brandon? And how did he become so popular so quickly?

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America, Meet ‘Brandon’

Americans know that they are stuck with Joe Biden for the next three years (probably).

Even some who voted for Biden now have a serious case of buyer’s remorse. To borrow still more from social media, many of them would trade three dollar gas for some mean tweets in a heartbeat. But it’s a bit too late for that. Enter Brandon.

It all started with the beginning of college football season. Suddenly chants of “F*** Joe Biden” could be heard in college football stadiums that held 80,000 people. It raised many a conservative eyebrow.

A collective, “Really? Are they finally getting it?” might almost have been audible from conservative bastions. The chants continued and spread all over the country – particularly at mass sporting events.

Fast forward to October 9, and NASCAR’s Xfinity series race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. As the checkered flag waved, driver Brandon Brown came in first, also winning his first NASCAR race.

As NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast began to interview Brown, chants of “F*** Joe Biden” began to roar from the stands and was audible on TV. 

Because the media can’t help themselves, reporter Stavast tried her best Pravda routine and lied about what was being chanted.

She began to ask Brown questions about his strategy to win the race.

“Brandon, you also told me — as you can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ — Brandon, you told me you were gonna kinda hang back those first two stages and just watch and learn,” Stavast said. “What did you learn that helped you in those closing laps?”

And so “Let’s go Brandon” was born. Since that moment, it’s been used as a safe-for-TV, safe-for-social media euphemism in the place of “F*** Joe Biden.”

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Brandon Goes Mainstream

What may have started out as the chants of drunken college students at a Saturday afternoon football game has become a full-on meme of legendary proportions. The Internet and social media have become a home to those with any amount of entrepreneurialism to sell t-shirts and anything else they can print “Let’s go Brandon” on. 

There has even been a “Let’s go Brandon” song and a video on YouTube. Rapper Loza Alexander took his “Let’s Go Brandon” video and rap song to number two on iTunes as of Oct. 19. 

But as with all things that the left doesn’t like, it must go. On Thursday, YouTube announced that Alexander’s “Let’s Go Brandon” video would be taken down. The reason it was banned? “Medical misinformation.” Any excuse will do.

As Joe Biden’s poll numbers freefall, it remains to be seen if Brandon will become even more popular. But for now, “Brandon” may be joining his sister “Karen” as one whose name may one day become an entry in the dictionary and have an entirely different meaning than originally intended.


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