Biden Could Face Embarrassing Losses to RFK Jr. in First Democrat Primary States

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President Biden is the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for the 2024 presidential race, thanks to his current incumbency. Still, this hasn’t stopped him from trying to tip primary scales in his favor by switching up the long-held tradition of having Iowa New Hampshire lead the nation’s primaries.

In a surprise announcement, the decision was made to make South Carolina the first official primary state for the Democratic Party, which rubbed the Granite State a bit raw, to say the least. What the Biden administration didn’t anticipate was New Hampshire and Iowa bucking the tide and opting to hold primaries before South Carolina, come Hell or High Water.

What does this mean for Uncle Joe? Possibly embarrassing defeats in two critical primary states to one of his challengers, namely Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Win at all costs

The new Democratic primary calendar puts South Carolina first in the nation, with New Hampshire and Nevada coming in second. President Biden claimed that he wanted a more racially diverse state to be first in the country in an effort to give minorities more of a say in early presidential contests.

However, suppose Biden is sure he will be and currently is the Democratic Party nominee. Why would minorities need a more significant say? The truth is Joe Biden has historically struggled in Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, so this is merely yet another attempt to tip the scales or, as the rest of us call it, cheat.

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I’m not the only one who found this move questionable at best.

Senior New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen said:

“I believe the DNC’s process was flawed and that top party officials had their own agenda from the start.”

This is precisely why New Hampshire and Iowa are flirting with the idea of still holding primaries before the scheduled February primary in South Carolina, regardless of the DNC’s threat that the states will be stripped of their National Convention delegate seats. 

We do what we want!

New Hampshire state law requires specifically that they have the first primary in the nation, and the state isn’t planning on changing that law or breaking it. The man who decides whether the primaries will push forward has made clear that New Hampshire will still be first.

New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan said:

“New Hampshire will hold the first-in-the-nation primary. We believe all candidates that want to run for President should put their names on the ballot in New Hampshire, and we expect that there will be plenty of candidates that do in both parties.”

Iowa has also said they plan to hold their primary in January, albeit via mail-in ballot. President Biden has said he won’t budge, which means he won’t be on the ballots in Iowa and New Hampshire if they vote before South Carolina.

You might wonder why any of this matters; these are just primaries, so who cares if the President loses New Hampshire and Iowa? Other than the massive embarrassment of the sitting President losing to an RFK Jr. or Marianne Williamson, it matters quite a bit in the general election.

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Stiffing New Hampshire, which is a left-leaning swing state, could prove disastrous in a tight Presidential race.

As Congressman Ro Khanna explains:

“Let me be very clear: It would be political malpractice to strip New Hampshire of delegates, disenfranchising Granite State Democrats for a decision out of their control. We all know these four electoral votes are going to matter for the presidency.”

This primary sleight of hand that Biden is using to try to shut out other Democrat candidates isn’t his only trick; he also plans to sit out any debates. While not out of the norm for sitting Presidents to not debate fellow party contenders, the people want to see it.

The silent campaign

Just like during COVID, it appears Uncle Joe isn’t planning to engage much with his campaign, certainly not with his fellow Democrats. That’s right; Joe doesn’t feel like dusting off his rhetorical skills to face off against RFK Jr. and Marianne on the debate stage.

However, in a USA Today/Suffolk University poll, 8 in 10 Democratic primary voters want him to debate his challengers, and in that same poll, 72% who already support the President want to see it too. In this same poll, it’s essential to note that the breakdown of current support amongst Democratic voters is below:

  • 58% for Biden
  • 15% for Kennedy
  • 6% for Williamson

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But the percentage that should send a chill down Biden’s spine is that 21% are undecided. The director of the Suffolk Political Research Center, David Paleologos, said:

“The decision not to debate is ignoring the 82% of women, 84% of union households, 86% of independents, and 90% of young voters who are not only planning to vote in their state’s Democratic primary or caucus next year but also would like to see a series of Democratic primary debates.”

[totalpoll id=”270925″]

The Biden campaign should start making connections between these numbers, the debates, and the primaries. RFK Jr. is looking less and less like a fringe candidate. While it is embarrassing to lose the presidency, it’d be downright comical to lose the nomination.

Nothing fair about it

Switching up the primary calendar and refusing to debate challengers are all indicative of a party that openly cheats the system with, up until now, zero repercussions. Marianne Williamson wrote in a Newsweek op-ed on her party’s refusal to hold debates:

“Candidate suppression is a form of voter suppression, and the party that purports to be the champion of democracy should not be so wary of it in our own house.”

I would love to see a debate between Sleepy Joe, Bobby Jr, and Marianne. I also look forward to seeing the New Hampshire and Iowa primaries called for RFK Jr. 

Who knows what might happen? Perhaps Joe Biden will find himself, not the Democratic candidate. That is doubtful; I’m sure between him and the DNC, they will find a way to rob the American people of a fair primary. 

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