WATCH: Sebastian Gorka Reveals Whether or Not Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Can Seriously Compete Against Biden

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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The Political Insider’s Brett Smith recently sat down with radio host and former Trump administration National Security Advisor Sebastian Gorka to discuss President Biden’s challenges going into the 2024 election.

Specifically, whether or not any of his current two challengers – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson – would actually get a fair shot at competing against the incumbent.

Kennedy Jr. is currently favored 19% to Biden’s 62% according to a recent poll. That 43 point gap is actually smaller than the lead held by GOP candidate Trump over probable candidate Ron DeSantis, indicating that deeper dissatisfaction within the Democratic Party than they would probably like to admit.

Watch below:

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The Art of Ignoring

During the conversation, Smith remarked on Kennedy Jr.’s tug on Biden’s favorability numbers among Democrat voters, as well as a recent Zogby poll which showed that 70 percent of the American electorate dreads the idea of another Trump vs. Biden general election.

“Does RFK Jr. have an opportunity here to do some real damage to Biden going into the general, even though Biden has said he’s not going to be participating in any debates against any Dem challengers?” Smith asked Gorka.

“Well, you know, how do you have a primary if the incumbent isn’t going to be involved in any of the debate?” said Gorka.

“He’s [Kennedy Jr.] a disturbance in the force on the left if you will, but at the end of the day he doesn’t have any institutional capacity to destabilize an incumbent,” he added. “Whether it’s a governor, whether it’s the president, is always very, very challenging and if the incumbent refuses to engage at all, then really you’re the fly in the ointment, but you’re not much more than that.”

The benefits of incumbency are indeed no joke, and come with all sorts of institutional and monetary support.

Gorka also brought up the very serious topic of Kennedy Jr.’s vocal impediment, which he argues could be a charisma issue with voters and could bring about questions regarding his physical health, concerns many Democrats have about President Joe Biden.

Despite Kennedy Jr.’s impediment, Gorka made note that it doesn’t look good for Biden that with that alone, some Democrats would rather take a chance on him than their incumbent.

“It’s stunning that a person who has a very serious, I think it’s a health-induced speech impediment, is you know, almost 20 points favorability with Democrats voters,” added Gorka. “That’s not a good sign for Biden or the DNC.”

Kennedy Jr. has suffered for more than a decade from a rare condition called spasmodic dysphonia, which is a specific form of involuntary movement disorder which impacts the voice box specifically.

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Another DNC Coronation?

The DNC has not only moved the primary state calendar around, appearing to do so to make the road to the convention easier for Biden’s re-nomination.

By having South Carolina be the first state in the Democratic Primaries compared to New Hampshire, they’re making the first state one where Biden had his strongest showing, as opposed to a state where he performed poorly in 2020. But Biden’s campaign has also stated the President and de-facto frontrunner does not intend to participate in debates with any Democrat challenger.

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Kennedy Jr. recently went on CNN to discuss this and stated that the POTUS has an “obligation to democracy” to take part in debates with his challengers.

“I think there should be debates,” Kennedy Jr. said to CNN’s Smerconish, “particularly at this time in history.”

“There are so many Americans who are worried about election integrity, who have lost faith in election integrity and feel like the whole system, including the election system, is rigged against them,” Kennedy continued. “There were riots on Capitol Hill because of that. So I think the political parties ought to be doing everything they can to convince the American public that we really have a democracy in this country.”

“I’m hoping that even if I have 5%, it is important to do debates.”

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