Shock Poll Shows Biden Can’t Dismiss Primary Challenge from Robert Kennedy, Jr.

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Don’t look over your shoulder now, Joe. That sound you hear is the rumbling of voters running away from you as fast as they can go.

In the direction of Bobby Kennedy and… Marianne Williamson?

The latest Fox News survey for the 2024 Presidential election is bound to have Biden scrambling for a new and shiny handout to keep Democrat voters in line.

The poll shows Biden would pull just 62% of votes among Democrats.

And it shows a Kennedy fast approaching Biden’s heels.

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Don’t Dismiss Bobby Kennedy

At first glance, you may dismiss RFK Jr.’s 19%… which would make it just as easy to dismiss Marianne Williamson’s 9%.

But you shouldn’t. 9% is a huge chunk for a gadfly like Williamson, who seemed to make clear during the 2020 Democrat primaries that she didn’t know anything about anything.

The 19% RFK is pulling? Earlier this week, it was only 14%.

And that combined 28% between Williamson and RFK? That most certainly should not be easily dismissed.

After all, Biden is a man who – so the story goes – got the most votes in history, and had a totally compliant Congress his first two years. He has the entirety of the mainstream media at his back, along with what I imagine is at a bare minimum 93-94% of the federal bureaucracy.

Where these numbers go from here is anyone’s guess and as per usual, I leave my disclaimer that it’s way too early for pronouncements.

But this time right here is where momentum could be permanently won or lost.

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RFK Takes a Torch to the DNC

The son of the late President-That-Wasn’t, RFK Jr. has made no bones about his feelings towards the Democrat Party and how it’s run.

He took them to task for trying to change the order of the first primary states, saying, “There’s too many Americans who already think that the whole system is rigged against them. And this is confirmation of that. And I think that’s troubling.”

He was joined by former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard in hosing down the party for refusing to hold debates.

Unlike the rest of his party, which at some point in 2015 turned into 2002-era War on Terror Republicans who have never met a country they don’t want to bomb, RFK Jr. isn’t having any of it:

Let’s also not forget that, hilariously, a mere 26% of Democrats want Joe Biden to run again.

And one final point here. Totally cliche, I know, but isn’t that how they become cliches?

RFK Jr. is a Kennedy. There’s something about them. They’re winners. People gravitate towards them. They’re slick political operators.

RFK Jr. is the last of them. I know better than to count out a Kennedy.

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