Tulsi Gabbard Dismantles Democrat Party for Holding No 2024 Primary Debates

tulsi gabbard no democrat debates
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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Ah yes, it’s one of those days where the world just makes sense, the stars align, and everything is as it should be.

The Party of Democracy™ that protects democracy from rightwing attacks on democracy and is all democracy-like is under fire for strengthening democracy by not holding any primary debates for the 2024 election.

Should any Democrats out there be interested in democracy, and there seem to be a few since only 26% of Democrats even want Joe Biden to run again, well that’s just too bad.

And there are a few voices on the left who are not pleased with the situation, like former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.

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Tulsi Rips Dems

Tulsi makes two excellent points.

First, debates in and of themselves can easily be rigged. As Tulsi explained it, the moderators – almost always TV talking heads – need only to ignore the candidates they don’t want, and shine the spotlight on the ones they do want.

Additionally, they can give easy softball questions to their preferred candidates, while lobbing grenades or accusations at the less desirable candidates.

But Tulsi insinuates something further here, to my reading. She says, “This time Democrats are taking no chances so there will be no primary debates.”

It could be entirely unintentional, but to my eyes that looks like protecting Biden. After all, he hasn’t been the brightest orator for some time.

And this time, there’s a Kennedy gunning for the Oval Office.

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What Can Bobby Kennedy Jr. Do?

While he has been unfairly maligned as a gadfly, the Democrats are smart to not take RFK Jr. so lightly.

There’s something about the Kennedy’s. Already, USA Today notes that RFK Jr. is pulling 14% from Biden.

How much higher will that number be by the time debates roll around?

And remember that 26% number? How many of the other 74% would happily pull the lever for Bobby the Younger today? What about in a few months?

Of course we can’t forget about our old pal Marianne Williamson, who is also running for the donkeys – but at the risk of being one of those people, I’m going to ignore her.

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But What About the Republicans?!

Now, to be fair, the GOP didn’t have debates in 2020, either.

Partly because Donald Trump had overwhelming approval among Republicans, partly because there were no serious challengers like a GOP-Kennedy, and partly because – my guess here – Trump told them to get lost.

Ah, but see, the Republicans are the party of fascism, so this is to be expected.

The Democrats, on the other hand, are the Party of Democracy.

And democracy, my friends, dies in the darkness of a backroom at the DNC.

Tulsi knew this, and that’s why she’s no longer a member of the party.

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