Report: Hunter Biden May Be Living at White House, Hiding From Lawyers of Stripper With Whom He Fathered a Daughter

New York Post reporter Miranda Devine writes that Hunter Biden may have taken refuge in the White House as a means to avoid his "baby mama's" lawyers.
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Hunter Biden has all the markings of a middle-aged deadbeat who does too many drugs and still lives at home with his parents. Now, according to New York Post reporter Miranda Devine, that image may be solidified.

At least the ‘living at home with his parents’ aspect.

Devine writes that Biden’s “baby mama” is “on the warpath,” something so frightening that the President’s son may have taken refuge in the White House as a means to avoid her lawyers.

Devine, while clarifying that she is reporting on rumors, suggested that “Hunter has been living at the White House with his second wife, Melissa Cohen, and their 3-year-old son, Beau, allegedly to avoid being served with legal papers.”

The reporter claims those rumors have been bolstered by “numerous sightings” of Hunter traveling with his father, President Joe Biden, to various vacations or attending state visits.

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Hunter Biden Hiding at White House to Avoid Responsibility For His Daughter?

It bears repeating that Devine describes the living situation as rumors. If it were even to be addressed by the media, there would likely be a denial by the White House or an explanation that does not involve him trying to skirt legal responsibility for his unwanted daughter.

Hunter Biden has been trying to avoid his daughter, four-year-old Navy Jones Roberts, for some time.

Biden had baby Navy with former stripper Lunden Roberts in 2018.

Their’s was a classic love story from the onset, meeting at a gentleman’s club called Mpire Club in Washington, DC, where Ms. Roberts worked under the stage name, ‘Dallas.’

Hunter’s memoir Beautiful Things recalls that time period in which the President’s son engaged in hard drug use and “rampages” of random sex with women who were “hardly the dating type.”

He initially denied fathering Navy saying he had ‘no recollection’ of meeting her mother.

Hunter settled with his stripper baby mama for $2.5 million in 2020, but in September of 2022 asked a court to recalculate his child support payments, arguing he could no longer afford them.

Roberts, in that ongoing case, asked an Arkansas court to jail Biden for failing to provide financial records as required in her lawsuit.

Devine explains this might be the impetus for why he might be spending so much time with dear old Dad.

“Surrounded by his father’s Secret Service detail and protected by his own agents, it is difficult for a process server to get to him,” she writes.

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Denyin’ Biden

Hunter and the ‘Big Guy’ have done their country best to deny little Navy even exists for some time.

In January, Roberts filed a motion requesting her daughter’s last name be changed to Biden so she could potentially improve her life situation based on the famous name. You know, like Hunter has.

Hunter’s legal team argued however that it would not be a good time for his daughter to take his presidential surname.

President Biden snapped at a reporter in 2019 when asked if he’d heard the initial reports that Hunter and the stripper had made him “a grandfather again.”

“No, that’s a private matter,” the elder Biden responded. “No comment.”

“Only you would ask that,” he said to the Fox News reporter before mumbling, “You’re a good man. Classy.”

This past Christmas, First Lady Jill Biden revealed her White House decorations only to find out she left little Navy out of the stocking arrangement.

Remember when Dr. Jill once argued that “decency is on the ballot” prior to the 2020 presidential election?

Guess that decency didn’t extend to Hunter’s daughter.

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