Biden Bizarrely Wanders Off Set During Live Interview

President Biden bizarrely wandered off-set at the conclusion of an MSNBC interview even though it was still airing live.
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President Joe Biden, in one of the funnier – or alarming, depending on how you view it – moments we’ve seen, bizarrely wandered off-set at the conclusion of an interview even though the segment was still airing live.

Biden sat down with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace for a stunningly soft interview on Thursday.

Despite scandals involving him and his son engulfing the administration at present, Wallace refused to ask a single question about Hunter Biden, plea deals, mafia-esque extortion efforts, or even the granddaughter he refuses to acknowledge.

The President, it would seem, couldn’t wait to celebrate the softball interview. As things were wrapping up, he stood, shook Wallace’s hand, and was seen walking off the set behind her – all while still live on air.

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Biden Wanders Off Set Before Interview Segment Concludes

Now, before the fact-checkers lift up their swords – tiny plastic ones that accompany their miniature Roman gladiator figurines – and defend President Biden, let’s get this over and done with.

Yes, the interview had concluded. Biden technically just didn’t wait until the segment was pushed to commercial. There is no indication this is evidence of dementia.

Blah, blah, blah. We know weird behavior when we see it. And no matter how the left tries to spin this incident, it’s still pretty freaking weird.

That said, I’m not sure which is the best part of the video – when he wanders off in general or the fact that as he ambles away while Wallace tells the audience, “Don’t go anywhere.”

Maybe his handlers should have provided the ol’ cheat sheet.

The above tweet is in reference to an incident from last year in which President Biden was caught with a cheat sheet provided by aides giving him some hilariously simple directions.

The card Biden held up had an initial reminder to “say hello to participants” upon entering the room.

From there the instruction guide got so much better:

  • “YOU take YOUR seat.”
  • “YOU give brief comments (2 minutes).”
  • “YOU thank participants.”
  • “YOU depart.”

To his credit, Biden actually did follow those steps. He thanked the interviewer for the weak interview and then departed. The problem is these instructions weren’t specific to this interview.

The President’s handlers should probably add “YOU wait for the cameras to stop rolling” next time he comes out of his basement for a television interview.

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Poll: Most Americans View Biden As Mentally Incapable

As with any of these many incidents in which President Biden wanders off-set or off stage, the media presents them as gaffes. This will no doubt be the case once again.

The problem is the body of work this man puts out seems to suggest he’s got some degree of mental incapacity. We could go back years with examples that suggest the little hamster inside his head is not running in the wheel any longer.

But why make that kind of effort when we can just look at this week alone? Here is President Biden claiming to reporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin is losing the war in “Iraq.”

Which is really hard to do when you’re actually fighting in Ukraine.

And here he is confusing the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence – you know, you know the thing!

And then we have him saying we fought a war over states’ rights … in 1960.

I don’t recall that war, do you? It’s pretty clear Biden is fighting a war with reality, but beyond that, I have no idea what he’s talking about.

American voters elected a man in 2020 that clearly had some level of mental decline. Now the Democrats are asking us to give him four more years when the decline will undoubtedly continue. Hard pass.

Biden’s bizarre behavior comes just days after NBC News published a poll showing a staggering 68% of voters are concerned that the President doesn’t have the necessary mental and physical health to be president.

Of those, 55 percent say they have “major” concerns, a marked increase from the same question posed in 2020.

It isn’t just Republicans and Independents either. Almost half – 43% – of Democrat voters are concerned about Biden’s mental health.

It’s not looking good for you, Joe!

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