Hunter Biden Settles With Stripper Baby Mama – Has Child Support Payments Slashed, Daughter Not Allowed To Use His Last Name

Hunter Biden has scored yet another sweet deal as he settled a child support case with his stripper baby mama and had payments slashed significantly.
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Hunter Biden scored yet another sweet deal this week as he settled a child support case with his stripper baby mama and had payments slashed significantly.

The deal, submitted for approval to Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer earlier this week and agreed upon secretly several days ago, sees Biden’s child support payments drop from $20,000 per month to $5,000.

Biden fathered a child – a 4-year-old girl named Navy – with former stripper Lunden Roberts in 2018. The pair met at a gentleman’s establishment called Mpire Club in Washington, D.C., where Roberts worked under the stage name, “Dallas.”

During their court battle, he President’s son had been pleading financial hardship. He and the mother settled for $2.5 million in 2020, but in September of 2022, Hunter asked a court to recalculate his child support payments, arguing that he could no longer afford them.

Roberts had argued that Biden, contrary to his claims of being “financially destitute,” was “living lavishly.”

That allegation seemed to prove accurate when he flew out to Batesville for a previous child-support hearing on a $6 million private jet.

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Hunter Biden Gets His Child Support Payments For Daughter Slashed

Aside from having his child support payments significantly reduced, Biden scored yet another victory in the deal – Roberts dropped a demand for his daughter Navy to be allowed to use the Biden name.

To be fair, the name “Navy Biden” might have conjured up recollections of Biden’s administrative discharge from that branch of the military for a failed drug test.

In January, Roberts filed a motion requesting her daughter’s last name be changed to Biden so she could potentially improve her life situation based on the famous name. You know, like Biden has.

Biden’s legal team argued however that it would not be a good time for his daughter to take his presidential surname as he wanted a “peaceful existence” for her, free of media and political scrutiny.

In addition to all of that, Biden again managed to evade getting jail time.

Judge Meyer weeks ago had threatened the First Son with being held in contempt, potentially leading to jail time, for being stingy with his financial details and “abusing” the ability to redact information.

Roberts had made a discovery request seeking information from Hunter’s business deals in Ukraine and China, along with the names of the mystery art aficionados who have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for his amateur paintings.

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Living His Best Life

Biden recently accepted a plea deal for tax crimes and an illegal gun purchase in which he will serve no prison time. Critics have suggested the plea deal was an example of a two-tiered justice system in America for Democrats and Republicans.

With that deal secured and a secret arrangement for reduced child support payments in tow, Biden in recent days attended a White House state dinner which also saw Attorney General Merrick Garland as a guest.

“Photographs and video captured of Hunter at the White House appear to show that the first son was all smiles as he milled around and spoke to several guests under the tent erected on the South Lawn for the event,” the New York Post reported.

Why wouldn’t he be all smiles? He engaged in criminal behavior, excessive drug use, avoided his obligations toward his own child, and accepted little to no responsibility for any of it.

But then, he’s been doing that his whole life.

A whistleblower claims Biden is such a seedy individual that he deducted payments he made for hooker services from his taxes.

Biden’s child support deal comes as news of bombshell testimony from the whistleblower also revealed a WhatsApp message threatening a foreign national and using his father’s name as leverage.

The same name little Navy can not use.

President Joe Biden, despite evidence to the contrary, has said his son is “the smartest guy I know.”

He claims he’s “very proud” of his son.

Too bad Navy likely won’t ever feel the same way.

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