Deadbeat Hunter Biden Ordered to Appear in Arkansas Court For Child Support Case Or Face Contempt Charges, Possible Jail Time

A judge has ordered Hunter Biden to appear in court next month to explain why he should not be held in contempt, potentially leading to jail time, in a child support case involving the stripper with whom he fathered a child.
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A judge in Arkansas has ordered Hunter Biden to appear in court next month to explain why he should not be held in contempt, potentially leading to jail time, in a child support case involving the stripper with whom he fathered a child.

Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer, appointed by Governor Asa Hutchinson in 2015, has been fairly lenient with the First Son up until this point in the case. She granted him a protective order just last month which would keep his financial information confidential and sealed.

But it appears Biden isn’t exactly being forthcoming with the financial information. Meyer chastised Hunter’s legal team last month for being stingy with the details and “abusing” the ability to redact information.

In a court order issued Monday, Meyer directed Biden to appear in court in Batesville, Arkansas to argue why he should not be held in contempt of court.

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Hunter Biden Facing Potential Jail Time In Child Support Case?

Biden fathered a child – a 4-year-old girl named Navy – with former stripper Lunden Roberts in 2018. The pair met at a gentleman’s club called Mpire Club in Washington, D.C., where Roberts worked under the stage name, “Dallas.”

Biden’s memoir “Beautiful Things” recalls that time period in which the President’s son engaged in hard drug use and “rampages” of random sex with women who were “hardly the dating type.”

As such, he claimed to have “no recollection” of his encounter with Roberts, though a paternity test would later refresh his memory.

Biden settled with Roberts for $2.5 million in 2020, but in September of 2022, he asked a court to recalculate his child support payments, arguing that he could no longer afford them.

Roberts, in the still ongoing case, asked the Arkansas court to jail Biden for failing to provide financial records as required in the lawsuit. The problem, according to a lawyer speaking to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, is that “Biden has continued to withhold information related to his overseas business ventures and art sales.”

With House Republicans investigating how the First Son and his father may have profited from sketchy business dealings in foreign countries, it is no wonder his lawyers in the case are trying to hide that information.

Roberts argues that Biden isn’t simply hiding his finances but rather, continuing to feign being “financially destitute” while “living lavishly.”

That allegation seemed to come to fruition when he flew out to Batesville for last month’s child-support hearing on a $6 million private jet.

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Biden Living With His Parents to Avoid Lawyers

Business Insider reports that if Judge Meyer is not satisfied with Biden’s legal team’s response during the court case in July, he could be held in contempt.

The court order warns contempt charges for Biden “could land him in jail for up to six months, a fine, up to $20,000 toward Roberts’ legal fees, and have his requests in the case thrown out.”

The odds of that happening are about the same as Biden turning down a bottle of parmesan cheese during a weekend bender.

New York Post reporter Miranda Devine claims Biden’s deadbeat status has been amplified with rumors circulating that he “has been living at the White House … allegedly to avoid being served with legal papers.”

Imagine being a 53-year-old junkie running and hiding behind your father’s coattails to avoid taking responsibility for your own poor life decisions.

President Joe Biden himself has extended the cruelty, repeatedly failing to acknowledge the existence of his grandchild, even leaving her out of the Christmas decorations this past season.

It seems that being a deadbeat is a family affair.

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