Biden Announces He Will ‘Forgive’ Another $5 Billion In Student Loans

Gage Skidmore

President Joe Biden has promised student debt relief, and it looks like he’s determined to deliver on that.

The administration had already ‘forgiven’ over $120 billion in outstanding student loan debt, but more is now in the offering.

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Biden promising more student debt relief. Again.

Axios reports:

The White House on Wednesday announced $4.8 billion in student debt relief for some 80,300 people.

State of play: That brings the total approved student debt cancellation by the Biden administration to $132 billion for more than 3.6 million Americans.

Details: A portion of the relief comes as a part of the administration’s effort to “fix” the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, which wipes out the student loan balance of public service workers who have worked for 10 years and made 120 qualifying payments.

The big picture: Despite the Supreme Court blocking his large-scale student debt forgiveness plan, Biden has delivered relief for millions of borrowers by circumventing the need for Congressional or court approval.

“Circumventing the need for Congressional or court approval” – brought to you by the people who keep championing “democracy” and warning about “dictatorships.”

The unfairness of the entire scenario is plain as day, but they just don’t care. Millions worked hard and paid off their student debt obligation. And for what?

What fools they must feel like, right?

This was actually summed up well by a Democrat Congressman… yes, you read that right, Jared Golden of Maine.

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‘I stand by my vote and my opposition to forking out $10,000 to people who freely chose to attend college’

Golden said in August as one of only two Democrats to join House Republicans in opposing a Biden student loan bailout:

“Sadly, this is what radical leftist elites are learning about ‘democracy’ these days — silence and destroy anyone who disagrees with your views or goals. I stand by my vote and my opposition to forking out $10,000 to people who freely chose to attend college,” Golden said. “They were privileged to have the opportunity, and many left college well-situated to make six figure salaries for life. The Twitterati can keep bemoaning their privileged status and demanding handouts all they want, but as far as I’m concerned if they want free money for college, they can join the Marines and serve the country like I, and so many others, have in the past and many more will in the future.”

Honestly, couldn’t have said it better myself.

We could use more Democrats like this guy.

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