Bill Burr Trashes Anti-Trump ‘Idiot Liberal’ Late Night Host Jimmy Kimmel On His Own Show

Bill Burr Kimmel

When comedian Bill Burr went on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show this week, the last thing the host probably expected was that he would become a target.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Burr said “stupid” liberals while looking straight at Kimmel during an interview on Tuesday night.

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Burr On Trump: ‘He’s Coming Back’

“You want to see a great case thing on narcissism,” Burr observed. “Liberals are so f***ing stupid the way that they handle Trump.”

“What do you mean?” Kimmel – who does not like Trump – asked Burr.

“You should just shut up! He’s a narcissist. Neutral energy. No Trump,” Burr replied.

Burr said Trump is a “one hit wonder,” adding that he’s like the songwriter who wrote the popular 1960s tune “The Twist,” but liberals kept Trump front and center because the indictments give the former president even more media attention.

Burr even warned Kimmel, “He’s coming back.”

“I think he was a one hit wonder. He wrote ‘The Twist,’ and then that was it,” Burr said. “He was on the casino circuit and then you idiot liberals wrote him ‘The Twist’ again when you indicted him and now he’s a martyr. He’s coming back, Jimmy. He’s coming back. It’s gonna be great for comedy, he’s coming back.”

Burr’s Wife Flipped Off Trump

In November, Trump attended an Ultimate Fighting Championship pay-per-view event that Burr attended with his wife.

Viewers noticed Burr’s wife flipping off Trump.

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Burr told Kimmel on Tuesday that both Trump and current President Joe Biden were too old to be running.

He said maybe both will die of “natural causes” maybe sooner than later.

“I want somebody in their 40s, somebody that’s gonna have to live with their decisions,” Burr said. “With any luck, they’ll both die of natural causes before the election and maybe you could get somebody that still has something to live for.”

“Wow,” Kimmel replied, adding, “This year you’re not gonna get a visit from Santa, but you are gonna get a visit from the Secret Service.”

Kimmel’s Trump Derangement Syndrome

Kimmel has long had one of the worst cases of Trump derangement syndrome of anyone in the media. Back in October, he slammed Trump by claiming that he was making the Hamas attack on Israel all about himself.

“The horrible attack on Israel, much like the attack on Ukraine, would never have happened if I were President—Zero chance!” Trump said at the time, according to Newsweek.

Kimmel wasted no time in bringing this up on his show.

“If he was president, we’d all be blissfully downing jiggers of bleach,” Kimmel said, mocking Trump’s alleged belief that the chemical could help fight COVID.

“There’d be no war anywhere,” he continued. “Seriously, can you imagine anyone else in the world doing anything remotely like that?”

“After all the dumb terrible things that Trump has said and done, could there be anyone left who still supports this man?” he later concluded.

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