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Bill Burr Kimmel
December 7, 2023
Bill Burr called Jimmy Kimmel, the radically anti-Trump late night host, that he is an "idiot liberal" on his own…
Politico Argues That Since Presidents’ Day Includes Trump, It Should Be 'Canceled'
February 25, 2022
On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump said he knew that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to take Ukraine.
January 29, 2020
Democrat Jon Ossoff told a small crowd of supporters that he wants to see President Trump and his voters beaten…
October 7, 2019
Eric Trump, President Donald Trump’s son, told Fox & Friends Monday morning that the media coverage of the Ukraine scandal…
August 30, 2019
MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch has had his fifth show cancelled after only thirteen episodes, according to TVNewser.