Eric Trump: Media Coverage Of Ukraine Scandal Is ‘A Clown Show’

Shelby Talcott on October 7, 2019

Eric Trump, President Donald Trump’s son, told Fox & Friends Monday morning that the media coverage of the Ukraine scandal is “a clown show,” adding that mainstream outlets are dangerous to America.

Eric Trump went after the media’s coverage Monday regarding allegations that his father used his political seating as president to ask Ukrainian officials to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. An August whistleblower complaint sparked this controversy over a July 25 phone call, and Eric Trump said Monday that the mainstream media “pose a danger to this nation,” accusing them of advocating for Democrats.


“This whole thing’s a clown show,” Eric Trump said Monday. “It’s a clown show. They know they can’t win…They’re dangerous to this country. The media, they pose a danger to this nation. I mean look at the advocacy there.”

Fox & Friends played a viral clip from Sunday between NBC’s Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd and Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson. Todd blew up at Johnson after the senator brought up potential CIA leaks during the Trump-Russia investigation.

The segment also showed a clip of ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, where Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan steered the conversation away from the president, as Johnson had. Both hosts continued asking questions about Trump.

Eric Trump responded to the clip Monday on Fox & Friends and said that “America is so sick of most of mainstream media.” (RELATED: Whistleblower’s Attorneys Say Second Complainant With Firsthand Knowledge Has Come Forward Against Trump)

“Look at the way that they ask questions,” Eric Trump said. “Senators literally having to shout and scream to be heard over the commentator. That is not their role. That is not their role. Unfortunately that is the role media plays every single day.”

“That is what America is seeing through. They are part of the left-wing party. They are advocates for the left-wing. They won’t even ask the candidates a serious question.”