Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren keep saying Medicare for all is what is needed for Healthcare. Here is the one question I don’t hear being asked, since they both are over 65 years of age: are they currently on Medicare, and if not, why if Medicare is so great?

Again the Democrat motto is: “do as I say not as I do.”

Since several of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls/hopeless have been in politics longer than most people that will vote for them have been alive, what have any of them ever accomplished?

For those of you that watched the Democratic Debate on Tuesday night, did you notice how seven people running for President said they had a plan to pay for Healthcare?  But the realization is that these seven people, running for President that had an idea and knew how to pay for it didn’t tell anyone. It’s a secret.

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Have you noticed healthcare stocks diving this week? Investors and stockholders fear Bernie’s Medicare for All will put Kaiser, United Health, Cigna, etc. without customers. There go the jobs.

Bernie said he would pay for it by taxing billionaires? Does he know billionaire’s hire more US citizens than anyone? Beezo’s hired 800,000 for Amazon. Zuckerburg 45,000 in the US for Facebook. Trump Org has 40,000 US workers. Apple has 45,000 workers just in the USA. Those workers buy houses, cars, support their kids, etc. with those wages. I’m not sure why Bernie wants to eliminate billionaires.

I took the time to read every word on the Sanders website. Scary, incredibly scary. The ONLY way for him to pay for everything would be to, not just tax the rich at a higher rate, but to seize assets and personal property. It doesn’t say how he would pay for it. If I had millions or billions of dollars and it looked like Bernie could win, I’d be looking for a small island to move all my money to and look for a different country to live in. I have to applaud a bit of his vision, but overall, no way can he do what his website says without crashing the economy, driving off businesses, and skyrocketing unemployment.

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Let’s not forget Joe Biden has written every bill that’s ever been written, and Elizabeth Warren has an answer for everything, even though she can’t deal with her issues.

When can we officially stop calling them the Democratic party and start calling them what they are – the American communist party? They lied about being communists for decades. Now they say “ok ok ok. We’re socialists. But democratic socialist.”

They are scared of the truthful label of communists being attached to them but fully embrace the ideology. The democrat part no longer exists. We now have republicans (who are what democrats used to be), “democrats” who are now communists, a plethora of fringe third-party candidates, and independents. Just own it. If you’re a communist, you’re a communist. You reject the label because it exposes you for who you are in one truthful word.

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