Ilhan Omar’s Opponent – An Iraqi Refugee – Taunts Her With ‘I Am An American’ Tweet

Ilhan Omar’s opponent in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, Republican Dalia al-Aqidi, taunted the ‘Squad’ member with a tweet declaring “I am an American.”

The message was a clear shot at Omar’s own tweet over the weekend in which she tried to ‘trigger’ conservatives by listing things she can be identified as.

“I am … Hijabi, Muslim, Black, Foreign-born, Refugee, Somali,” Omar wrote alleging – falsely – that these are the reasons she is roundly despised by those on the right.

“Easily triggering conservatives, Right-wing bloggers, anti-Muslim bigots, tinfoil conspiracy theorists, birthers, pay me a [dollar] to bash Muslims fraudsters, pro-occupation groups and every single xenophobe since 2016,” she added.

“I am an American,” replied al-Aqidi, an Iraqi refugee and journalist adding, “That’s why I’m running for Congress.”

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A True American

Al-Aqidi’s message is similar to that of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) who was quick to note that Omar’s little “triggering” list didn’t include the word ‘American.’

In announcing her challenge to Omar’s congressional seat in January, al-Aqidi explained that, much like their dueling tweets, she will focus on people having differences but still coming together to make a better America, not using those differences to divide people.

“Every time she opens her mouth she says something either anti-U.S. or anti-Semitic,” al-Aqidi said.

Omar, of course, proved her right by not celebrating her status as an American and including a “pay me a [dollar] to bash Muslims fraudsters” comment.

Anti-American. Anti-semitic.

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Loyal to Her Country

During an interview with Fox & Friends in January, al-Aqidi explained that unlike Omar whose loyalty is to her own public profile, her loyalty is to this country.

“I am loyal to the country that gave me a chance, gave me a brighter future,” al-Aqidi explained, suggesting Omar “continually tries to weaken the country and divide us.”

Even before Omar’s tweet, she was declaring herself American first and foremost.

“I came to the U.S. more than 25 years ago. So, basically, I’m not a refugee anymore. I’m not an Iraqi anymore. I’m an American. Period,” she previously stated.

And whereas al-Aqidi happily came to America, Omar has explained that she’s been disappointed in what she saw upon arriving from day one.

“I remember turning to my father and saying, ‘This doesn’t look like the America you promised,'” Omar recalls.

“My father looked at me and said, ‘Hush, child, we are going to get to our America,'” she added.

The question is: Will Minnesota’s voters choose Omar’s vision of America or al-Aqidi’s?

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